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So beth we tried this last week going through the oil stock cast all eight of them and we failed we missed one out everyone misses one should we try this try and we're not seeing we've got the the nights away from us we're just trying this let's do it and so sandra bullock caped on chet aquafina medicating riana hasn't done in casa sarah paulson wong laughs one and has so when you say about film really right basically that's the job that's it that's all you need to joke but really the cast is the thing here is why people are turning up for this reboot this sort of reboots reboot this oh the ocean's eleven franchise women all in their own right mike homes or rising icons and that's what's bring people into the cinemas rights what interested you about absolutely i mean i'm definitely against the the suda fema rebate rebranding suit of wave that we're experiencing the moment set and so it was the cost kind of got my interest for the fed that it was kind of shackled to the franchise surprising how shackled it was in fact i thought this was just almost like oh supposed to just using the name using the sort of basic set up a heist with people who often good at doing hoists but then very early on we have a cameo from somebody from the previous franchise debbie ocean is danni ocean george clooney's sister and that's really a threat throughout the entire movie that she's trying to almost outdo him in tribute to him do an amazing heist from the off i think there's references tease shen when she gets out of prison she collects personal effects and one of them is down he's watch when she was inscribed to donny what she's still from him and as you say you just see references little winky in jokes through out the movie yeah exactly david jenkins wrote the review with white lies he hit today but we can read a quote from that it's on the website l legalize dot com if you want to read it he says it's a missed opportunity this cast is better and i think that is probably best place to start with because you have hair stars who in their own rights lock burster talent you have not only lunches under bullock and on hathaway could lead a movie like this but on the screen together and those in the moments the first half this movie is where this film really works for me when you're getting the band together and you get to see these various characters and they're just different energies different acting styles coming together and sitting sidebyside on onscreen exactly and then you've got a real variation touted as well i'm indicating as show runner she found her and cherry show runners de mindy project and you go akwa fina who this rising spirited rights aaron comedian you've got riana hugh as well as she's viana those issues ready successful engineer and a spokeswoman for women from disadvantaged areas so you really got this this really great onto rash of women current together and as you say as davis is quite forcefully a wasted opportunity just foes from the off as we said it was shackled to the original franchise are think there is so many opportunities for this to be moving the same right just to compete be away from from this franchise to see original writing from original women many talented writers and directors out there who would be capable of handling this cost in a completely different way talk about the fresh energies fresh talons on this this does not feel fresher told us a film it's a very beautiful film that the looks great that looks it looks at new york in a way that we rarely see anymore glitzy glamorous city full of opportunity you also have some amazing costumes and you also have talk last jalan doing the various steps that you have in a heist movie but as a heist movie it's quite boring boring an it's quite cold i found so i think with the original films you know there's a that this kind of swagger with this film it folk quite cruel at his heart in the kind of the way they go about achieving what they went to cheap they really do step on a few fingers i mean from the off when debbie's go from prison her first heist or her face conor she goes to a department store essentially bullies the.

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