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Wranglers on the greens boot in jeans wall he turns and there's this friendly grin again the word is bake in what are you doing just standing there behind me it's almost like you spying on me how long you been there really ten minutes I think I came over here to the greens will jeans wall to prepare a Tony llama steel toe work boot and I she is standing here I recognized you from behind because you got the distinct where you're standing I do what do you mean what is distinctive I have never been accused even once in my life of B. and distinctive I'm as ordinary as I can be how can I help what how do I stand that's distinct no no you a distinctive but your stay in two years you see you put all your weight on your right foot and leg so you almost don't have to put your left foot down on the ground at all it's kind of like you're a flamingo war store for some and I said to myself well that there is a bar I'm just going to wait till he turned around and you'll be surprised I was surprised made me jump and I ain't no damn flamingo no healing you really more restore damn store guy there hell's wrong with you this phone I'm surprised to see you you don't chop peers usual thing do you hell no I don't but they do have really good prices and a great selection of boots and jeans along with all the groceries you could ever want in a wife is making something and so I thought I would look at the book which before I buy her list of stuff to take home well what's merry dean make and you say the right thing I made to stop by your place later on she doing what I hope she's doing and what might be levar what do you hope my sweet Mary dean's doing these it based yes it is she's bacon cheese bacon the thing you like best I love her PK insane the notion that you can do rules I thought this record to lose your faith is now that I know the cheese bacon snickerdoodles those are my favorite you know I love whatever merry Danes bacon I do know that and you are welcome to come over I'm not a bass a nice cold milk right now to have only nothing is better than a cookie warm from bacon and ice cold milk when I have to get one of the thing to what was it well that's right we're out of bacon join us again some other time as we examine how the Utah native speaker word of the day sometimes.

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