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Knows, But it ain't telling on September 29th here in Chicago. All very lucky audience gets a rare musical treat as the legendary time Rush takes the stage at the city winery, which I believe is, uh, as of the date of this interview. Is close to selling out in my right on that, Tom frisky. I do not know the answer. I thought I saw the tickets were going very, very fast, which which must please you greatly. Well, that would please me a great deal. Of course. I haven't been in Chicago for too long and I'm looking forward to getting back there and seeing some of my buddies. When was the last time you were in Chicago? I, You know, I can't even answer that question. Um It's been a couple of years now. Obviously covid shit. Shut us all down for almost two years. Yeah, Remember song is like a memoir. Yeah, Precisely, but, uh, yeah, I think I think the city winery just opened. Remember song? We're gonna We're gonna play that song here in just a little bit by the way. But the city winery is a great room, and I don't know. Uh, I think it's only maybe maybe three or four years ago, I saw, uh and hung out with the guys from canned heat. Their, uh, almost two years ago now. Wow. Wow. Um, but you'll be joined on stage by by keyboardist Matt Nicola, right? Yep, He's been traveling with me for about six years now, and he is a treat. He's got his own career going. He does, and I'm hoping I'm hoping that when he's playing stadiums, he lets me open the shows. There you go. And I think in Chicago Hilton will be backing me up. Great. I was listening to his beggar by the weekend song, which has got a got a very Jason more as to like sound. If you're familiar with Jason more as um, but you know, he's got some talent. He certainly did. He's a monster. Yeah, you could kind was listening to your 1963 album Got got a mind to ramble. It's the sort of Carol whisk Kerouac esque collection. I want to ask you about this song. Let me get up here and play it here. O J readies Twinkle 20 Let us stop! Come Breeding It is electric car. Got a mean look, Tom Rush. Did you predict electric cars back in 1963? No, I didn't. Um, this is, uh, This is a folk song. This is a traditional traditional song, and in fact, they did have steam driven cars and electric cars way back when well. Where would we be if we paid more attention to focus English, my friend? Oh, kidding. Should I shudder to think That bad, huh? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Don't don't listen to folks And that's why I'm not a folk singer anymore. You know, we were songwriter. There you go. Uh and I happily stand corrected on that we were. We were trying to get John Prine in here. Before he sadly passed. You guys, You guys played together on stage. We shared the stage on a couple of occasions, several occasions and he was he was a great guy. I wish I wish I'd gotten to know him better. But He's not only was obviously Genius songwriter, But he was also a really good person, and I enjoyed the time they did get this matter with them. Indeed, by by all accounts, and we have we have a friend in common. Uh, with him who? Just saying his praises at every opportunity, Nick, Um and, uh, it was It was just such a sad loss. You you had. Kind of a close call with with covid yourself today. Did I hear that correctly? I don't know if it's a close call. I had covid okay? Pretty pretty sick for It's about two weeks. Five days. Getting worse fund is appealing. Feeling awful. There is getting better, but I never went in the hospital. And now I've been tripled, vaccinated, so I'm pretty much superhuman. There you go and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound With a guitar by the way. Half abound. Even you know, anyway. Good man. Yeah, I had. I had got the bug. I was an early adapter. It was it was march of 2020. Yeah. And there was they know they know more about it now than they did then. But anyway, I didn't go in the hospital, and I got better. And here I am. Good deal. Good deal. Uh, and again. We're talking with the great time Rush, Uh and you can catch him. If you can get a ticket at the city winery here in Chicago on September 29th your YouTube performance of Steve Walters the remember song as of yesterday received over 7.5 million place. First of all, What's your secret? Uh, second, and could you send it on over to us? Uh, but writing on your website, You said I've been around. I've been waiting 45 years to be an overnight sensation. And it's finally happened. A video clip of my performance of the Remember song has gone viral you had you had an interesting reaction to to the gone viral. Moniker. I can't remember what that was, But I know going viral these days isn't necessarily a good thing. Exactly. Yeah, you first You likened it to, uh, to the musical equivalent of of Ebola. I was told, but your kids explained no going viral these days. Aside from Covid is a good thing. Well, my daughter insists that the 7.5 million plays of the remember song Or probably, just one guy can't remember. He's already seen it. Our kids, our biggest champions, aren't there they are. They boost you up when you're feeling low. You can't have an ego and Children. Yeah. I hadn't heard it put that way. But you're right because I made it up. But it's so true. Yes. Tears. This is this is kind of an ambitious tour. Well, it is it. Actually, I got my booking agent to cut Show up at the beginning and another of the end, but it's five days in a row. Right. Right. So driving driving in between your are you do you? Are you driving into Chicago or flying into Chicago? I'm going to actually drive into wherever it is that I'm playing before that, and then we'll be on the ground. Matt and I will be on the ground for, uh, where do we go? We medicine Wisconsin. Okay, Madison, Wisconsin, So we'll fly into there. Wow. What? Where are you playing in? Madison, Wisconsin. Do you know off the top of your head? Uh, I got I got it in front of me. It's called the bird oak. Wonderful, Wonderful place. Then we go to three Oaks, Michigan after Chicago and play the corn. We go to Ann Arbor Arc. And then, uh, food for peace Ranch and Pomeroy, Ohio, which is sold out. I do know that part and I did. I did. I see removing up and down the East Coast. Oh, yeah, I do that all the time. Okay. Okay. I'm based right now in southern Maine. And probably over half my work is somewhere between Washington D. C. In Bangor. Okay, and then I go. You know, I get out to them that get out to the Midwest once a year we're going to so we're going to close and fun. There you go. Yes, Absolutely. So we're gonna close this segment with the room. Remember something and I want to play play a nice little chunk of it. For our audience because it's It's absolutely heartwarming and brilliant and wonderful. What do you What do you was scribe to the success of the video of the song? They can over 7.5 million hits. Have you analyzed? It strikes a nerve with a certain age group. It does, uh, might be in that age group and that I'm not complaining before before we bow out, though I'd like to send your listeners over time rush dot com. I've got a couple of projects going on there, okay? And you can check out check out there's a link to the city winery, sitting just Pop over the city winery and absolutely, too, but I've got I've had approved online subscription series called Rockport Sundays going. That's been a lot of fun. Uh huh. Public to ask you ask your folks to check that out. Well, we We'd sure love it if you if you could. If you could stick around, we're going to go to a quick break. We're going to play this song and play a and play you back in. If you can hang out for another couple of minutes we love to We love to dive more into into what you've got. Coming up. I can. I can absolutely do that. Wonderful. Wonderful. We're talking with a great Tom Rush. This is the remember song will be right back right after that he mentioned something about If you remember the sixties. You weren't really there. Which brought to mind a song. It's kind of a modern day yuppie blues looking for my wallet and my car keys..

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