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So without further ado, we said it's a Thursday that means the man himself. Danny. Mac is in the house going on man Thursdays with Danny yes. Sir, let's do it the take machine himself the hot take care that I am again, Friday eve takes it's a very. Very I think even keeled approach to randy arose arenas, how I tried to do this. Buddy he's on fire. Yeah I mean we we talk so much about Gibson and sixty eight lowering the mound bill russell changing with of the paint will they need to change maybe the rules of the weaponry eh players are allowed to take to the plate. Damage that Randy A. Good player that's why the raise wanted a man. Well I, raise wanted him. Let's pump the brakes a little bit He's about one hundred bats into his major league career. Let's talk after a thousand at bats in the League is figured him out but good on him and he's had a great run here in this postseason play. And the League will figure them out and then he'll have to make the adjustment and I'm sure he will. He's hit it every level a professional baseball also he'll be of a very solid major league player. That's the thing though. He hit at every level. Yup. Put video game numbers. Last year got better as the competition got better was doing things that the cardinals were not doing it the big league level and then I think it was fair to wonder why even when he got called up. was still behind a number of guys and didn't really get opportunities. I, think it's also fair to say that just jumping right into it Well, hang on because this is a Friday eve take. And we talked about this on one one, the cardinals evaluations and and how they operate this off season. But I'll say as people are watching this postseason you said adjustments will be made He's good player and that's why the raise wanted him. That's why the cardinals got the piece that they got back into Matthew Liberator I guess it's maybe a little frustrating for fans right now that what you need and what you needed this year offensively might be randy arose arena. Yeah. I mean Claire Man Yeah Glad to see him having success. Yeah. The cardinals need offense I mean that was clear in two thousand twenty and they needed an outfielder to provide offense. They didn't have it now they got it a little bit at the end from Dylan Carlson but they needed somebody else to provide offense from the outfield. Well, look what the guys doing with Tampa Bay it's randy arose arena. I know if you're a front office guy if you and I are running a front office, but we're not we're hot taken. So what we do, that's what we do. We come in with hot takes. Front, Office is. What they do is they evaluate these things over the course of the period of the time of the trade. So Liberty for we have to wait until it pans out when he comes up and the course of the deal with the.

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