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And then some and then I was really kind of delighted to watch the story of you and it was so informative like. Like I, know who Rick Rubin is a bender that Sh- Shangrila studio and the Guy I met these super spiritual, so I'd never seen him when you guys met him so to see that footage of you guys meeting him at Nyu and his persona back then and just all the people that have moved through your journey, the Beastie boys journey is so impressive, so many incredibly talented people that you guys kind of just stumbled upon, and we're open to work with. The story is much about the world in which you guys inhabited in fostered as it is about you guys, which I think is phenomenal. Thank you for your takeaway. Because know that was one of our ambitions. In both our book, and then the stage show, and then the resulting film directed by Spike Jonze was to show that everything we've done is all about context, the inspiration the seed, just even the idea that we thought that we could do what we do and. Fear going up on stage is kids. Reading Are Our rap lyrics from a piece of paper, which does not look very good on film. When we have to look back at it on stage now that was all a result of the fact that we we grew up in the New York. City that we grew up in. It was the one thousand nine hundred seventy s when we like little kids, and it's just this thing of all. Our parents had decided to stay in New York City and And if you're apparently, you decided to raise your family near city at the time for the most part, I think the the understood condition where one of the conditions was. You're going to give your kids the freedom to just go out and do whatever Oh. Yeah, there's this movement like you know free range parenting, and it's basically just what y'all were doing or like you know the Nikitas were doing la like. There's these perfect cauldrons for this. Yeah I mean I. Don't think our parents name. A term for just now we look at it as negligence. Then it was normal. Let it was just that's normal. That's how you did it. Yeah, there's a total bravery when I'm watching. You guys because some of you met at a show like a bad brains show or something and I remember like my brother. My older brother took me to see exploited when I was eleven. It was downright dangerous like I was eleven I was fucking terrified. My brothers be careful. Careful, some guys put screws in the bottom of their combat boots with a break, your ankle, Bosh, all this crazy lore and I was so attracted to this danger of it and I just remember feeling very vulnerable at eleven, and so I was watching you little kids in that scene and I was like Oh yeah I. Remember that like being drawn to that. Yeah, I was basically what that kid like. When I met Adam GMC A at a bad brains show..

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