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Watering they just walked in the studio courtesy okay good job wearing a white shirt tonight now we can move on my part smart most of us will be barbecuing Labor Day weekend let's bring in an expert he is the owner and chef of smoke barbecue it's very Sorkin while you have a fleet of rips right in front of you yes I never I never like to come at the end of thank you for coming in yeah my pleasure thanks for having are you an expert on ribs I like to think so when did you start barbecuing did it run in your family the sand somewhere no I mean I grew up in a Jewish family so ribs were not on the name yeah he should be a producer in Hollywood right well I chose a different path that yeah I mean we I started cooking my backyard probably as in my mid to late twenties okay I did as a hobby for a while work for it as an act in a corporate job for about seven years and just sort of barbecue on the side to keep my keep my brain from going insane and just kind of came to a head was like man I really like doing this and I really don't like going to work so I thought I'd see if I can find a way to make that work so let me get this straight you had a real job a corporate job and you just were you the guy in the neighborhood that everybody wanted to come over because they knew that you were barbecuing yeah I guess I have a neighbor like that he's got two different grills you have two girls I had multiple grills and are you also you also tell this guy every day they should open up a restaurant because I got that a lot of like I should open a barbecue place really okay I never took it all that seriously until one day I did wow and now how long so you work in the corporate world for how many years that's seven seven area did you go to a restaurant to start working there you just open up your own place you know I've worked in some restaurants while I was going to college and in between colleges and at various times in my life so I you know I'd been exposed to the industry but I'd never run a restaurant I never owned a restaurant didn't really have a very deep back luck I love this story yeah because you just did your own research did you I did I did a lot of traveling I went to a barbecue in as many places I could I spend as much time my backyard as I could and you know listen you gotta make a lot of bad barbecue before you get it right so it's trial and error where is the first place you go to check out barbecue in in what region anywhere you tell me do you go to Kansas city to go to Texas where he emeritus there are there's a lot of great places around the country my favorite regions Texas I like central Texas barbecue okay as well as anything where did the barbecue come in Kansas city they're known for barbecue why is that you know I am I don't know I mean it's it's kind of a beef town and yet they're barbecue is much more pork focus I don't really know the history of cancer barbecue gassing tell you more about the history of Texas I don't know Kansas city quite that well where do you go in Texas I like some of the old school places I mean there's a whole new generation of barbecue and right in central Texas you've got Franklin's that is sort of spawned a whole new generation but I also like the old school play so like Louis Mueller's alike prices I like you know losing city market so there's I mean I mean I can go on to be the difference between the old and the new in Texas I feel like the old school I mean a lot of these places you walk into and they don't even look like restaurants to look more like you know prison blocks you know they're dark they're all concrete and brick the pits are are are made of brick you know in some cases they got open fire is burning on the floor and the smoke just kind of being sucked in sight and you could trip over I could show you pictures if you're kidding crazy wow and they're usually doing a real simple you know old school method the cooking generally season just with salt and pepper the cooking over post oak but these are places that involved a double butcher shops you know a lot of a lot of that you know that generation of migrants who came to this country they didn't know much other than butchering meat and so they open up these butcher shops and what they did you know it when it was about to go bad they would smoke it to get an extra couple days out of it never would have like the the origin of Texas barbecue and and and many of them don't look all that different they look like these old industrial building stuff and they're just you know they're just cooking and there's a guy with a cleaver the berry Sorkin's here from smoke barbecue S. M. O. Q. U. E. Y. A. S. M. O. Q. U. A. well we thought we were being clever you know like Q. like barbecue sure but mostly it just confuses people I can't find it online they can't yeah well that's when you have to get both spellings he got it right in there right yes nice and you make your own sauce we do we do we make where do you start I mean you find a sauce that you like in Texas music okay I'm and make it even better in Chicago you could you could do it that way I mean that's not really the way we came about it I mean to me great barbecue is all about a balance of flavors you know you've got the smoking this in the meat you've got the you know the the the sweetness and Nabeel spiciness from the rub and then you've got the you know the tank Eunice maybe even a little more sweetness in the sauce right so it's like all about bringing those things together and you can you can use any of those elements to create the other different flavor profile so if you want if you're gonna do a sweeter rub you might go with a ten year sauce if you were gonna do a spicier rob you might go with a sweeter sauce you can do it rating go around about it in a lot of different ways but that's how we came out is like what we want the end product to taste like what we want you know which which flavor elements we want the various components to contribute and then you build this building from there how long did it take you to perfect this oh god I mean hours and hours and weeks and months because you know you from the brisket for example the call can't wait to talk bracelet on my list here well it only takes fourteen hours to make a brisket and so low and slow people that's how you have to do it yes definitely and it doesn't do any good to taste the rub not on a brisket and so every time you add something to the rodeo I got a cook brisket and you got a much sought justice all down not gonna get other breast Mike not like it's not like cooking chicken breasts were it's like all right I'll do it in five minutes right I'll just the seasoning other another one I mean it really I mean it's it's a months long process of getting the rob right I'm telling you I've been to so many people's houses where they have the green egg outside name always over cook the brisket people over cook it is really hard I know when stop do you have the app how does that work what do you do well I mean we with the thermometer in it because you know your mom and you can look at your phone you could see it okay it's at a certain temperature we gonna pull it off well brisket's particularly tough because half of it is twice as thick as the other half of it yeah and so by the time that the calf is done it's really easy to have dried out the thinner half right and so I mean a lot of it has to do with the way you trim it we try to trim down a brisk it's to kind of flat in the model it'll bit so that they're a little bit more even and cook a little more evenly it's also about knowing like where you're hot Sparta perfectly at home where your hot spots in the smoker are and you want the thicker part of the brisket facing those hotter spots okay and the thing apart facing the cooler spots but it's also about pulling at the right time I mean it's a pretty short windows between done and over done you know you could do it by temperature typically you know we look at the look for about two hundred to two hundred and three degrees at the thickest point okay but you know you do enough for me to do with your finger you can just feel it you know it's really and so you said that now I mean the first time you cook brisket did you overcook it you gotta make a lot of that barbecue first there's no doubt about it yeah I mean we I I I I I'd be lying if I said it now a lot of disasters I was so how long for the brisket we do it a you know depending on the size anywhere between twelve and fourteen hours fourteen hours yeah that's wonderful that's assuming you're using a whole Packer cut like a lot of grocery stores will sell its color brisket flat okay much smaller very out of the cut not good for barbecue if you're trying to cook a brisket you get a brisket flat which is actually the more expensive cut really it's good for braising as good for making corned beef but it's not good for smoking because doesn't have enough internal fat just to stay moist during along cooks by the time its tender it's also dry so if I go to Costco and pick up a brisket that's not good some cost was will have a full Packer cut but make sure you have a you know it should weigh between twelve and fourteen but yet told fourteen pounds okay when its whole some Oscars having some don't okay can it but if you get if you see a cut that six or seven pounds that's probably a flat Sorkin's here smoke barbecue how many locations in the city one and a half we got all our original location on Pulaski which is our full helpful on experience and then we've got a food hall location at revival food hall downtown food halls are the next big thing aren't they they are they're popping up everywhere now what is that is that just a food court they just call it a hall it's kind of a food court always should have been you know it's it's it's a food court but instead of you know your average run of the mill chain restaurants you've got a lot of really great local brands ankle restaurants that they're putting out great food so it's exactly the same thing but it's local right right and it's better I mean it you know it revival is got just a great selection restaurants you got you know by long hot chick and you've got yeah so now try to plug anybody but I got a lot you got long was in here they did something at Lollapalooza and they came and they have another great store there's a lot of these local places here in Chicago that just kind of came up yeah you know and you root for people like that I think Chicago is friendly to local restaurants you know and not not so much from a from a regulation standpoint I think the the the population in Chicago likes their local restaurants are we a foodie town I think we are officially a futon and have been for a long time I think we're officially a barbecue town now I know when did that happen I think you three or four years ago I think it was well it started to happen I mean we were we were we've opened about we open at twelve and a half years ago okay and there wasn't a whole lot and since we've opened I can probably count forty places that opened and and and many of them have done well so I think investing Chicago's officially barbecue town how come you're not four hundred and fifty pounds your great shape you look like you're a marathon runner I am not I can promise you that but I will tell you that the stress of running a restaurant counter balances the the eating habits that comes with come with running right yes you don't feel like eating because you're stressed out berry soak Sorkin's here smoke barb he what's your website as W. W. W. dot smoke barbecue at S. M. O. Q. U. E. B..

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