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A lot of garrett's ranged landed this far but it can't call right so if he has jack he should just probably voting at this point. I mean i guess maybe it mixes but the point. I'm trying to get to his way. Beyond the equity thresholds given how large this pot has swollen to for like his single payer hands to be hero off unless they have pretty. Strong removal like nine. Ten is probably a better called as jack. I would guess. I think that he was probably only considering one or the other options. Not that he doesn't recognize his hand could do either but just more so that in live you're going to be swayed one way or the other pretty heavily based on your opponent and it's really difficult to split that line of thinking in one singular decision point right so if he arrives that's and he just immediately recognizes like okay low-frequency. My hand calls in my hand raises. But i'm dealing with berkey. Who just went over bet over half pot. it's almost certain that he's just going to shift is mindset between forty and calling or folding and raising so that he can put a singular focus on what would sway him away from the fold basically. I actually think his hand is a really good candidate to shove. Because i probably don't over bet a hand like queen of hearts on the turn so now blocking queen documents seems really really critical. I think like nine ten of hearts probably services better caller fold and nine ten of diamonds. If we're like really scrutinizing here probably serves him a little bit better. The shove i did plan are calling but honestly like even after the fact knowing that is the best end and that i played the hands. The way i wanted to to potentially do stat shove. I'm kind of glad he did. Because even though my mind was made up when you're just in the moment you know things sometimes get a little hazy and you just can't believe that someone could pull that trigger. Even though i know garrett's capable well tara i'm conscious. Maybe the final word here solitaire. Obviously putting an overnight shift last night did you within the game tree analyze. You know maybe wasp burkey should do. If she'll upon there is his hand just too strong and the fact that he comes to the small sizing the door for the ray so he claimed has made his bed once he goes that way. Well actually i mean this is one of the spots blockers manner more than anything else. The way peo- will consider is like what's being represented here. How do we block that. So it actually thinks that this is a pretty much a snap. Coal is making ten percent of the posh but for example it will set of aids here. it's worst. Call that kind..

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