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Well with Neutra medical. Harley we're limited was very interesting because the basically, I'm gonna use this term to kind of talk about the exoneration of louche, which I'm gonna post that article, but they are LaRouche ING Trump Manafort and Flint. They're putting up through the same crap. Vinci wanted to get rid of Trump. But also, that's why Manafort fled are been persecuted advantage destroyed. Development on these Flynn case is that he's just hired Sidney Powell the well-known former prosecutor who has turned onto prosecution methods and is one of the meeting experts in the frauds that are perpetrated. The get convictions. Run out the thing, that's interesting is Roger stone is continuing to outflank the Russia gate. Perpetrators, his latest success is the demand through foia and the freedom of information act documents to have the FBI release their evaluations of the crowd strike analysis of the so-called hacking and what the F B I was forced to admit is that they never saw the crowd strike reports, redacted, or otherwise never saw. Right. Which means not only Komi in the. FBI not conduct their own investigation. They didn't even investigate the so called investigation by crowd strike. And what Rogers attorneys are saying is the crowd strike. Never did a forensic investigation. The only forensic investigation of the documents that came from the DNC and from pedestrians Email, but ended up on Wicky leaks. The only forensic investigation was that of Bill Vinnie, the phone technical director of the NSA, who said that it could not have been a hack it was an inside job by so Roger stone forced the F B I into this. Quite astonishing admission. And this follows Roger of bringing in Bill Vinnie to testify that there was no Russian hack by wide set of portent, because the whole attack on Roger stone was based on the idea that he was trying to find out from WikiLeaks. What they got from the Russians right? Supposedly he lied to prosecutors about what he was doing on that, if there was no Russian hacking and the WikiLeaks documents came not from Russians, but from someone inside the Democratic Party then how is there a crime by Roger stone? Right. And he's hopeful that he'll get the whole case thrown out now. In the meantime, his life is in shambles just as what happened to Mike Flynn and others Rogers. It's two million dollar legal defense fund illegal cost rather to defend himself. He was not a rich man. He also. Son to didn't it. It what it destroyed financially his son, well Flynn Flynn gadget in Flint, son. What they. Flips on who was also forced into bankruptcy to well Manafort, what, what Muller threatening ones manafort's wife his daughter and sign a law Manafort was forced to give up his homes as Bank accounts of they sold off, all his clothes supposedly use a clothes horse meant that was his problem. But now they find out that the guy who supposedly was working with Manafort, with Putin was actually this guy Constantine, clemen IQ was actually on the payroll of the State Department working out of the US embassy in Kiev. So the guy that was supposedly Rogers Roger, but our manafort's collaborator in defrauding. The west and working with Putin.

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