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Couple analysis for him on his portfolio casts for the big one is we have an institutional version of morningstar was really cool lattices she can take every account you have every position you have in your portfolio you poonal into morningstar in morningstar creates a three page report for us that allows us to talk intelligent way about how much risk you having your portfolio what's your portfolio's costing you what type of growth in income potential they are there so we ran the morningstar report trade him and it came back and we're sitting down together looking at it and there's two big things came out of this morningstar report one is the next two thousand eight to we go through they're gonna lose the scalpel they're gonna lose forty two forty five percent of their portfolio while wow and when i said that the color kinda one out of their faces because they just didn't think there were anything like that but what morningstar simply does it takes your portfolio on today and it runs it through two thousand eight says well if we were back in two thousand eight and you only exactly which you own right now this is what would have happened and just to be clear here bill it's not you it's it's a it's a third party saying hey if something happens here with what you currently have this is what's gonna happen it's not bill geiger saying well that's why we use told my because it's an independent thirdparty source that you know it's it's not me saying this although i could see it looking at their portfolio been donors for a long time but we use morning star is an institution and and that's what they're saying so we found out the head way way way too much risk for where they were at and wife and the other thing was as they had really didn't have any source in their portfolio of dependable sustainable and com for their retirement so and pay their bills so the the unspoken strategy it was their adviser wonder to grow their money as fast as he could make a big as pilots he curtain than expected the a couple to kind of pick at it and cross our fingers and hope that it.

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