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They were good an interesting story on the front page of today's wall street journal on a stock with the price. That's just too damn high berkshire hathaway class. A shares are trading at more than four hundred. Twenty one thousand dollars. The price is actually grown. So high that it's approaching the maximum number that can be stored in some exchange computers. Yesterday nasdaq temporarily suspended. Broadcasting prices of those shares over several popular data feeds its computers use a digital format. That can't count higher than four hundred twenty nine thousand and change. It's a thirty two bit measure old time computers. The nasdaq is actually rushing to finish an upgrade. Later this month that would fix the problem but exchange operator i x has also reported the same limitation of course. This is a problem that's unique to berkshire because the us stock with the second. Highest price is home. Builder n vr. It's trading only at about fifty one hundred dollars a share. Warren buffett as famously refused to execute a stock split signing birthday cards. To friends with the message. May you live until berkshire spritz but andrew. This is a little bit of a y. Two k problem that is specific only to berkshire at this point. I love that. May you live until the stocks. What's i'd point right after you've signed that -actly that's like no pick where or when you're gonna talk right. Just go there. So don't ever split the stock and you'll live forever. I guess new the stock version of hell is gonna freeze over coming up a huge lineup today among the highlights really the honest company. Ceo plus co founder. Jessica alba. here. I think it'd be in the nasdaq and you guys think that she's a fan. Do you think she's going to want to come out on the set and say i. I'd really like to meet job autograph. Probably not but before we get to that interview internet and marketing entrepreneur. Gary check his new project. With non fungible tokens and the bright new pixeleted future. Find it toward press for any business in the world to not issue an nfc t for everything they do because it's own to make logical sense the way having social and having website week logical sense. It's a trip in more ways than one. I'm pretty sure. I'm gonna live in the metaverse in. Vr put on my headset and walk around garage sales and find. Nfp's all coming up on scott. Welcome back disqualified entrepreneur. Gary vasicek has a lot of jobs. That book say right now is not every person was destined. He runs an advertising digital branding company. He was an early youtuber with his wine. Tv videos a decade ago from new jersey wind chop and he hosted us for preview of his newest project. I'm gary and this is what i'm doing. I'm rolling by. Nfc project which is focusing on human traits admire in character form focusing on access community creativity and really trying to create a blueprint of projects. That will work both for the people buying it and the people cre- the friends is an nfc collection launching today. One of a kind digital art backed by specific blockchain technology. Think of it as a collectible and think of it as a token that can create access so far most people have been focusing on the art. Part right you've seen the big headlines people sixty nine million dollars thing things of that nature. Alternative investments are why sotheby's and christie's existed for two hundred years antiques. I just think this generation twenty thirty forty year olds are not interested in buying a teacup from sixteen forty seven old europe. I think they're more interested in buying pop culture. Gary was in a house in california overlooking the ocean and heads down on drawing cartoon after cartoon tigers bulls snakes goats all sorts of animal doodles to make ten thousand plus tokens the actual art that are for sale as part of the v. friends and if t collection i an entire ecosystem of characters for example. Hang out hawk. One hundred twenty five of these are going to be individuals who are able to be part of a hangout. A zoom whatever. I put the video. Technology layer on top of. Is this the next big digital innovation ownership but with extras ownership but on the blockchain not in a frame on the wall. Why does everybody under care about how many followers they have. And that's a whole insecurity thing that we gotta talk about. But why why will it matter. Because digital assets and ftc's will become the currency of communication. Gary vein check is great at looking forward. He was an early investor in a few little companies like facebook. Twitter uber coin base and with that track record. He says this is it. Non fungible tokens have staying power. I'm pretty sure. I'm gonna live in the metaverse in. Vr put on my headset and walk around garage sales and find nfc's he spoke to. Joe kernan andrew. Ross sorkin and becky quick on our tv broadcast today. Joe. we'll take it away beyond. That sounds kind of wacky at first blush right can you. Can you start at the beginning and go over at fourth air vini anytime smart. People think something i'm doing is wacky on first blush. I know i'm doing something really important to break down. First and foremost it is a a platform that as a smart contract underneath it. It gives every single kherson of the ten thousand two hundred fifty five token holders eight ticket to a three or super conference that also announcing called be con- think of it as south by southwest meets. Domino's means rolling loud comic con a huge conference so where where people been missing. An app teas and continue to. Miss is smart contract. This isn't about me putting out a piece of art. Even though i've been doodling for a long time even though this is also the beginning of me standing up an intellectual property that i'm going to be building the rest of my career. What i'm trying to be was bringing enormous value underneath the contract including five hundred fifty five gift goats my brand that actually when you buy that can registered to the site and a minimum of six times a year over three years. You're getting a surprise physical gift in the mail. What i've done is pretty rigorous tremendous off chain value. While using the on chain dynamics the ethereal is involved. That's the with a non-custodial wallet. That's how you can do it. There's gonna be a dutch auction for most of these and you have any idea what one of these would cost for stars. Can you just estimate it and where it could go You know the the majority of tokens are going started. Re in dutch option down two point. Five and one of the chapter. Because right now there's frenzy and hysteria. We have way too many people putting out projects and overspending. I think we're seeing a lot of dynamics of the market and seventeen definitely this crowd if they remember. This is so easy for this crowd. This internet nineteen ninety nine breezy high on the overall technology way too many people grabbing going for chance loom. It's marked an april two thousand. This crowd watching knows collapsed but meanwhile in that lapsed was ebay amazon and multiple when people said oh the internet.

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