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NPR's countdown. Sports leader. This is dubs countdown to tip off and. San Francisco KFC and HD two semi sports leader real quick before we get into worst. Just so, you know, a big trade today in the NBA, and it could have ramifications at least in social media, and it already has New York. They're talking all about this. But New York going to Dallas Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee, mainly for contractual purposes. Tim Hardaway junior sign that big contract that New York decided to match and. Surely he came over from Atlanta, Atlanta, decided not to magic he's making seventeen million this year eighteen million extra year nineteen million and then Wesley Matthews one year left on his deal. Dennis Smith junior not making a lot still in the rookie contract and deandre Jordan one year, he's making a bunch of money. So that Dallas can be better with porzingas put them in Don-Shik and New York the Knicks can clear bunch cap space in sign at least two max players in the off season. The problem is, of course, players haven't come to New York lately. Even though they constantly talk about guys like LeBron and others, and none of them have gone to New York. So what do you think is it just a who knows? What do you think of the trade? You said earlier, I think well, I think they were stock the next you stuck a little bit. And you're trying to figure out a way to get out of it and trying to entice stars to come to New York. Is much as the Knicks haven't been. Really any good for the past ten fifteen years. The last time they really relevant Ewing twenty years ago twenty five years ago, Steven employment, Ewing, Mason, Oakley, doc. Rivers there. There's some pretty good teams. It's always ran into the bulls. But. David really been relevant forever. The ploughs here or there. Yeah threat, they they just know. So they're thinking all right. Let's go and scrapped this whole thing. In twelve thirteen. They won fifty four games when the season's thirty seven seventeen thirty to thirty one twenty nine in their ten and forty this year. And even before that it was just a average in twelve thirteen and they did that. Because before that it was thirty six wins forty two twenty nine thirty to twenty three thirty three and they haven't been really consistently. Good cheese. You have to go back. Now they've been off. Absolutely awful ninety. Okay. So from. Okay. That this was kind of. Yeah. When you was really rolling. They went from like from eighty eight to about ninety six ninety seven for about a ten year period. They went fifty to forty five fifty one sixty fifty seven fifty forty seven fifty seven forty three and then ninety eight ninety nine hundred ninety seven ninety eight. They just started to take. And they haven't come back. So I get it. I mean, I don't think the Knicks brand. Is a big deal. But it is New York. I mean, New York does have some cash aid to it. We were talking about businesses. And do you want to go there? What do you want to do after basketball? So I think if you were the player that could bring New Yorker championship in basketball because they do love their basketball in New York. The giants have been able to win the Mets made a World Series the Yankees, obviously of one a few World Series Rangers. Rangers the bed in a Stanley Cup the Allender feminine much. But if they were to win a championship, it'd be huge. What's the best way to do that now with the roster? They had so you go ahead. And they gotta be hoping Dennis Smith junior is going to be a player. He just didn't fit anymore with the Mavericks. He might be a player. He might be a pretty good player. Find a role. Yeah. We don't know that. So you're just like, okay. Let's just hope maybe we can get like the big ticket would be Durant. And then Irving that'd be your big ticket. You have a three and a one or whatever if you get quiet that'd be great too. I don't think twice going there. But who knows? Who knows like what are your marketing opportunities outside of basketball in New York? They could be massive. You're absolutely massive. So I like the trade for them because it was just different. Let's see what happens this is and get us anywhere. And I like the trade for the Mavericks to because they were just kinda stuck in the middle there. Like, what are we who are we and and Cubans not going to stand still it's like, well, let's just roll the dice here and see what happens? So I like it for them a couple years of a bad contract with Lee and a couple of years of a bad contract or maybe one and a half years with leeann two and a half years with Hardaway, although they can both play overpaid, but they could play, but you're thinking okay after that, then we can really try to surround porzingas and dodge with with some guys. What happens now worst comes to worst? It porzingas is hurt. And he's never the same player. They need. Then Benue you made a mistake. Then you made a mistake. All right. So that was the big news today. Obviously, the Anthony Davis stuff nothing really new on that other than the Lakers apparently offering all their young players and the appellate Casey wants take them. Steadfast wake him up. We'll send him a Senator. We'll give you a new. We're good. We'll you Randy fund, whatever on coaches, Kim. Please. She got that LeBron returns tonight against the clippers other some of the big stories around the association, breaking news Klay Thompson will not play tonight. He's got an illness. So he won't play. So that's how and McKinney is gonna start again with what Steve does. So that they can keep things kind of on the the normal as far as the rotation. So it's going to be Durant. Green cousins McKinney in place at Thomson tonight and Steph curry seventy Sixers Jimmy Butler Wilson, Chandler, Joel Embiid, JJ, Ben Simmons. So those are your match ups. We'll get into some things including the player to watch in the xfinity X factor of the game. A little bit later on in the show. But those are the the match ups, by the way, this is clay's. I missed game of the year. And it doesn't say anything major illness. Okay. They go practice won't stay on with Rocco. And why not? Chill. So that's what's going on. As far as the warriors are concerned as far as the winning streak is concerned. These guys just get off the road. They finish a perfect road trip. Get a few days the best thing about this. A lot of this was obviously cousins comes aboard. But they've had breaks. So it's not my cousins has been pushed back to back games or three and five or ever since he arrived. It's just kinda they're getting a few days off here. Few days off there. They had a couple of days off after the road. It's it's really been a perfect. I'm sure they looked at this. When they said, when's he gonna come back? Let's have a few days before every game. And it's funny because it seems like he's been back for a while. He hasn't been back that loan. This is his home debut tonight. No, that's pretty crazy. And he he's been really good and this'll be his stiffest challenge yet. Because Joel Embiid one of the best centers in the game. So this this'll be a challenge for him. And I'm sure the crowd would love to see him. They've been playing good. He's been playing good almost like when he came back that he'd been there for a year and a half feet has got hurt. But he knew everybody and knew the system and knew the guys and came back and like I said from the first game. I thought his body looked really good like they waited until he looked good, and he was in shape, but everything from the offense the passing the movement that everything he looks really good. But it'll be fun to watch him in a bid go at it. Yeah. Absolutely. I'd by the way, Anthony Slater the athletic saying, he's cousins of play around twenty five minutes tonight against Philadelphia starting each of the first five, and of course, we'll continue to do that. But a restriction around twenty five minutes. But again when he first came back, remember the first ninety played against the clippers was a fifteen minute outing. He fouled out in that hounding. And now he's already. Up to twenty five minutes. He's averaging fifteen point two points per game, seven boards and about three point six three pointers. He shooting about forty nine percent for the field. Fifty four point five thirty three point land. And again, five games of caves small. But if you just look at how he's playing if you look at the movement skills, as you pointed out, if you looked at you know, really teams haven't taken advantage of defensively. I'm sure that will change at some point. But it's not like he's out there moving Steph. It's not he really looks. And I'm sure he would tell you. I got a long way to go. But still he he looks good. Like a glove like a glove. Just throw them in there, and knowing how to play basketball solves a lot of problems. And he knows how to play and the guys in the court. There you go. We'll take a look at the M drive player to watch. When we come back look at that. We'll look at a few ups a little bit more closely as well. And again, Klay Thompson will not play tonight. Klay has an illness funds. Mckinney will start in his place tonight. For the words, we'll do more next as we get ready for.

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