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You imagine craft could be in line for that. But there are other factors. Greg is well that craft could be up against after what was a highly unfortunate event in his life. I'm not even gonna put an opinion on this. But I heard that there are some talk among hall of fame voters here at the combine wondering about how that would impact as chances in that they thought it would it's very important to him to be to be a hall of Famer. And that this certainly could be something that would get in the way that voters are specifically instructed not to take any of that into account when they're voting which is really frustrating. I agree west because they seem to totally I mean, they back they do. So they do in other news Legal News Damaris Thomas who we lost less? Obvious carted off the field with. Lower leg injury wide receiver with the Texans was big years. Of course with the Broncos. He's been arrested on alligators in including regular assault stemming from a crash earlier this month. So just add west. I don't know. Did did he land in the top one hundred and one agents? No, he didn't make this is a guy that already said a great career in the NFL. Who's back was against the wall on the wrong side of thirty coming off a lower body injury. Now he has legal proceedings. It is not going to be a hot free agent market. Put it that way. No because he's not going to be able to work out for a while with that achilles injury in the last two teams that had him the Broncos and Texans have no real interest in this time around the Texans. Their GM Brian game was talking today, and he really likes his wide receiver core right now with KiKi cute t- emerging in willful or coming back from an ACL entry. I mean, he got bigger problems though. That's the no joke. Yeah, they Hickey or you know, that that's a no joke. Charge that he's facing. All right. That's that's what's happening in the news. A like yesterday. It was fun yesterday. We did some other takeaways from what we've seen in the last twenty four hours or so Greg going to get us going with some other takeaways. Wow. What do you want me to get a gun? Now. I I I've noticed the last couple of days with the Viking stocking. Rick Spielman Mike Zimmer Gary kubiak is running the show in that building on offense. There's a guy Kevin sa- fancies there. I don't know if you remember he was the offense coordinator after they. You made a change in December last year interviewed for good job. He has a title offense coordinator, it doesn't matter. Coops has come in there. He's running the show. He brought all these assistants in. They're not even trying to hide it. They're bringing his entire running scheme. They're going to look for different zone runners in the ways Zimmer was talking about kubiak. He's just like excited to hear kubiak talk about all the old days under Bill Walsh. And all this stuff. It's a strange situation. But they're acknowledging that's the fancy who has the title of offense coordinator is basically reporting to kubiak. I can't remember a setup quite like that before. But I guess it can work Kevin's defence. Like the analytics department in Cleveland. There was a cross section of thought he very highly of him as the perfect mixture to make the next head coach. And maybe Mike Zimmer is not carrying so much about the analytics results on Kevin Stansky. I think kubiak is sort of like the offense version of Wade Phillips. He's one of the best offensive coordinators of this century. I agree. Let me throw. Some out there. I don't think it's really been anybody's kinda speculated on that. But Doug Baldwin the star wide out for the Seahawks pekair revealed during his presser that bald underwent knee and shoulder surgeries after the season. This is a guy that seems to be beat up a lot. He also is now on the wrong side of thirty. I checked out over the cap, which is a great resource for anybody. That falls football and the Seahawks are flush with cap space seventy five million excuse me. They have fifty one million cast base which puts them in the top ten..

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