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Now W. RKO weather channel forecast from three times a week and a big dose of arctic air keeping it cold today and tomorrow but then milder weather to start early next week the best part about the forecast we're dry sunshine today temperature steady in the mid twenties for the rest of the day dropping down tonight anywhere between five to ten degrees tonight tomorrow more sunshine thirty will be as warm as we get we make progress though Sunday Sunday some clouds forty four the hike even Monday we're still dry in the mid forties I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel on the voice of Boston AM six eighty W. RKO Saturday night in Boston WRKO become the Saturday night man K. if you love your second amendment where freedom and firearm shall not be infringed gun talk with Tom Gresham hunting second amendment from six to eight and kick back for the good life cigars and all your favorite beverages with certain guard Dave from eight to ten and then after a few bell to the good life it's free talk live from ten to one guns seven cars and freedom to WRKO Saturday night man cave size really matter Hey guys there's nothing worse for us women that being ready and having to wait thirty minutes for your little blue pill to kick in not anymore thirteen seconds is how long it takes for lucky thirteen again yes only thirteen seconds lucky thirteen is amazing because it's so immediate literally thirteen seconds don't take my word listen.

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