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Still twenty twenty when our teams like it should be twenty one twenty but it's still twenty twenty overcast rainy skies eighty four degrees a little bit of wind one about fifteen miles an hour excellent chance to rain today eighty four right now we see that the forecast high of eighty two chance of rain tomorrow pretty much the same forecast tomorrow and Wednesday clearing up possibly on Thursday rain possibly returning on Friday and Saturday rainy skies in Santa Fe today right now it's eighty four degrees we will talk to Jamie Rashad gross from as far as advertised in this part the company down in Albuquerque coming up at two o'clock or talk to Jamie about doing a weapon are tomorrow that is freed is complementary you should sign up tomorrow afternoon it's about how to re open your business and let me tell you one thing I don't own stock in as far as but these are really smart people so if you want some good sound advice they'll be a presentation slides and a Q. and a you live in a chance to ask questions about how to reopen your company how T. remark at your company in this environment there's business environment they were in we'll talk to Jamie two o'clock we'll talk to Maria Herrera from the department of workforce connections at two thirty today about jobs jobs jobs unemployment jobs three thirty today our weekly check in with Dr windy Johnson medical director la familia Medical Center about cove in nineteen that's the point this first hour is wide open four two four twelve sixty area code five oh five you want to call in and talk about anything we talk about the protest over the weekend you want to talk about the candlelight vigils here in Santa Fe you wanna talk about the protests all over television your feelings about that your thoughts about them I invite you to call in right now five oh five four two four twelve sixty you could be our first caller today with the peaceful protest here on the air your thoughts about that in call in today you can call in today if your candidate tomorrow's the election same day.

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