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Much different, uh, type of race to ride than these guys are typically used to, but they're among the best in the world at what they do so while occasionally someone can make a mistake, it doesn't happen often. It is the first time since 2010 that no horse has competed in all three legs of the Triple Crown. You think back to what happened five weeks ago at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, with Medina Spirit. Winning the Kentucky Derby, at least for now, Anyway, there is some controversy surrounding what happened with Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert, the trainer of Medina Spirit, the split sample as they call it, Tom came back. This past week and confirm that Medina Spirit did indeed have the medication known as Beta method zone in his system on Derby Day. It is a legal medication and therapeutic medication, but it is not supposed to be in the horse's system. Derby Day, So a lot of things to be determined in terms of that first leg of the Triple Crown. The expectation is Let the Kentucky Racing Commission will disqualify Medina Spirit and declare Mandel Oon the winner, as was the case in a similar situation in 1968. That case, then went to court on appeals of the initial ruling, and it took four years before it was fully adjudicated, But nothing ever changed. And we'll see how this one plays out different times, obviously, but that is the expectation of what will happen. Alright, Well, Mandaluyong is not here today the runner up from the Kentucky Derby that time just referenced. Brad Cox, the trainer of Mandaluyong is here and he sends out the horse that was favored in the Kentucky Derby five weeks ago. Essential quality. We're going to tell you more about him As we move throughout the program. Today, you'll hear more from Brad Cox as well. But we want to take time now to wish our colleague Kurt Becker, all the best on this Belmont Stakes Day as he is unable to be with us as originally scheduled for today's broadcast because of some unforeseen family commitments, But That does indeed give us an opportunity to look down the bench and welcome in the third member of our team this afternoon, pinch hitting for Kurt Becker. He is the self proclaimed beast of the Belmont. The Big A. Anthony's to build Anthony. Happy Belmont Day, My friend. Happy Belmont. They might come. I'm just glad I didn't have to fit in Tammy of Kurt's closed today. That would have been a little bit of an issue. Well, what I'm wondering is with Mike's set up Anthony, who is the greatest pinch hitter in the history of New York Mets baseball, Because that's all that would be rusty stop or your animal or on Rusty was the greatest. Your Lenny Harris is the most pinch hits, but But Rusty is the best channel Rusty, stop today. Yes, sir. Big Big Day here. Donlon Park Beautiful day here in the Big Apple and ready to roll five horses coming back from the Kentucky Derby Derby to take on Fitness Winter Rombauer. Todd Pletcher has two of those 53 and all every one of his three prior Belmont winners. Guys have used the Derby Shit, the Preakness run in the Belmont. And we'll see. We'll see what happens today known agenda I think leads the brigade with carbonic as well as overtook the only horse coming out of the Peter Pan the local prep for that. And it's just it's Belmont Stakes Day. Everything's back in its right place, And I think that's something we need to celebrate on a day like today. Yeah, fun to see the Preakness winner Rombauer back in the race again today, too, As we mentioned, he skipped the Kentucky Derby. And pointed for the Preakness. He was a handful in that race three weeks ago. He's looking for a duplicate effort, and we'll see if that's good enough later today, Big a Yes, coming back on three weeks or something. He hasn't thrown off and he's not just once in his career. More often than not, his races have been Better spaced 67 weeks to 3.5 months break from last year to this year will see off of I mean, arguably, maybe not arguably the best race of his life. That Preakness was a heck of an effort. In fact, I think with life is good on the sidelines. It's the fastest race any of the three year old has run this year on the main track. Um he's gonna have to come back in three weeks and Take on some new faces and some horses that have been battle tested in the Kentucky Derby. Trainer Todd Pletcher, who big a just mentioned will send out three horses in today's race, had to call a bit of an audible on short notice. When Thursday afternoon jockey I, Rod Ortiz Junior went down aboard his mount at Belmont Park. He was injured. He was taken by stretcher to the hospital. He is fine. He was released. He is going to be out for a couple of weeks. I Rod Ortiz Junior was scheduled to ride known agenda the horse that won the Florida Derby. A couple starts back, but because of that injury, he's unable to so They had to get a pinch hitter for him as well. It was Jose Ortiz, the younger brother of Iran, who got the call this morning. He will be aboard known agenda later today. And if you're wondering about Jose and the success that he can have a Belmont Park, he has been red hot this afternoon. Three wins today. All three of those horses were supposed to have been written by his brother, Iraq, So you have to think known agenda may be sitting on a big one later this afternoon. Coming up. You're going to hear from trainers Brad Cox, Michael McCarthy and Todd Pletcher. Plus, we will tell you the story behind the story of Belmont contender Hot Rod Charlie. But when we return, we will meet the jockeys who would get a leg up in today's Belmont Stakes, and we will pass along the updated odds for this year's test of the champion in conjunction with NBC Sports. You are listening to the 2021. Belmont Stakes.

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