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And you might have a different software package to handle something like payroll you might have a different one to track sales an different one for customer relationship management and many of these software packages they might be from different providers which means they're not necessarily compatible with one another there it's not easy to share information across them which means you have to generate reports out of all of them and then compare them and then figure out what your best approaches and do a lot of data analysis of your own and so the promise net ledger was trying to make was saying what we're gonna do as come out with a suite of programs suite of features that all are designed from the beginning to be interoperable so that you can easily share information across different functions of your business and make it easier for you to be able to do what you need to do especially as you get bigger and again they're kind of marketing this too small to mid sized companies saying why should you have to struggle when large companies have been solving these problems for years with very expensive software packages let's set this up so the company announced it was working on features like linking eastward transactions directly with accounting software so in other words there'd be no need to have to tracking systems one for the sales that you're making an e stores and one for accounting where you'd have to port over the results from one to the other the whole approach would be integrated which sounds pretty standard today but again at the time that was pretty revolutionary for these sized companies meanwhile mark benny off who is another former oracle executive gut a similar idea to goldberg right around the same time in fact and about a month after net ledger launched he launched salesforce dot com and salesforce dot com.

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