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Smoke Paul Rudd what do you think well what I might think that picture your team name does opting over deep catalog and the favors that's a great yes and it and bring you win with touch of her mail yes we did it all yes we did we took it all on a win again to go with another another G. connections at Normandy this call okay what's our avatar I or or do you go slow mo Waltons on just because the cryptic it is it is cryptic and again you're the man who once had a a fantasy name call Dench exclamation point right for Jedi that's right a watch winder which was your team name this year oh god I tend to I think it was a a men's breakfast the methods breakfast yeah my gosh yeah and it meant breakfast man breakfast this year thank god I've had a couple of I had a couple of teens okay that's good I had one team that I didn't really care that much about now actually name the team I have a structured settlement and I need cash now I couldn't believe this we didn't cut me off part of the letter down all you the man I will hope to see you down in Miami along are you bring your son to the whole road for the whole time the gunners you're in the back my son and and yeah yeah we're gonna be there running attack Paul can't wait to see you looked over to see you too rich says Paul rugby it's Paul that you're good luck to your chief we'll see Paul right down in Miami don't go anywhere we are back with more right here on the rich Eisen show the rich Eisen show foxsports.

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