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Olympia a thirty two minute drive your next report's at 1224 i'm kiera jordan on komo news enters the forecast with shift wayne on our way to those highs in the mid to upper 40s today not so much the temperatures making the headlines it's the win certainly along our ocean beaches that will pick up later tonight and make way for a breezy one here on a thursday everywhere else it is going to be rather wet and windy tomorrow bolder clear things out mostly cloudy skies a few showers friday will drive for the weekend i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center windsor pretty quiet now but we are in for cloudy skies 45 degrees little delay removing in from the southwest you're in the middle of 20 minutes of nonstop news on komo at twelve thirty six another lawsuits being filed in connection with the amtrak derailment chris burning or works for amtrak but was riding in a car number eight has a passenger win the train crash his lawsuit claims he suburb permanent debilitating physical injuries as well as emotional trauma he blames amtrak for negligence and building maintaining and operating the line in a safe manner also the news today state senator stevel banned once a hearing on the deadly derailment obama's member of the state transportation committee he wants the committee to look into why the curve where the train derailed was never fixed stand why positive trained control was not operational in that area the state legislature has oversight responsibility over to agencies directly involved in the derailment the state transportation department and sound transit washington state has clarified how it will meet the federal every student succeeds act komos bill o'neill has more the seattle times reports the state has made some changes after being told the original plan at fallen short.

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