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V. mr george steinbrenner if he were alive breath this would not have happened if he were alive brian cashman would have pulled the trigger because george would've threatened his life let alone his job to do the damn deal but that ain't what happened it wasn't meant to be and now who are the yankees to even no fifty four games approximately five hundred innings of the regular season that's what the yankees so it's tom that's how much of a cushion the yankees have to hold onto their first place lead i really really really don't understand it i really don't aaron boone nothing changes look around the room knowing that we've got everything we need to to be a championship club that doesn't change we know we can beat anyone you know nothing changes there really you ain't beaten houston now that pitchy staff now would that have been used houston astros they may not win at all i don't know but ain't losing to the yankees eighty eight say e._s._p._n. editing seven to nine three seven dodgers they know better they didn't do anything either and i've had much of a chance to watch them to share but i got news for you you've been in the last two world series even if you go to third winning game winning the bullpen suspects closes suspect like as a person but he suspect act and just looking at it from the standpoint hoping and praying that something happens something happens i was looking forward to the dodgers against the yankees at the world series i was looking forward to the dodgers losing the third consecutive world series but at least they're looking forward to the crowd return to the bronx new york and now that ankle happen as will smith said imitate mohammad-ali movie alley all we can do is sit around wonder in a match it's a damn shame it's a damn shame that one simple move like that and i'm not trying to say literally it's simple because i understand grinky acquiring kinky i think he's gonna have to give us some prospects i get all of that but you know something new york yankees it ain't like he just won the world series a couple of years ago you haven't won the world series since two thousand nine that was what tainted by the aftermath of the fall out of all evolve at alex rodriguez the reality is that when you look at major league baseball when you look at the new york yankees in the expectation that comes with them even even though the yankees have been more prudent efficient how they spend money the bottom line is if you are the new york yankees you know something you should make sure a pitcher july grinky didn't end up with the astros no good and dan where you could probably meet them in a._s._c. s again you should have known better and and it's a travesty that you did it you could point to the mets i watched ground pitch a little bit last ask thank god i wish to yankees had him ain't gonna be couldn't even get noah syndergaard not sure we wanna zach willow stephen matt's but something would have been nice something nothing absolutely is nothing we have the pieces we need right here what the hell is brian cashman talking about the hell is he talking about i try so hard not to be depressed i try so hard for these people not to the depress me with the decisions that they make but it's hard yeah it really really really is hard i'm so disgusted busted i can't even put it into words eighty eight say e._s._p._n. is edited seven to nine three seven seven six you're listening to the stephen smith.

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