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Duties the the thing will be lead possible with the help of butchered in volusia red eye radio and he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety red eye welcome and and good morning uh i was just a you know rear you and i got into it just had a discussion about the the political on that right now uh in in this country and you just said to use in our preshorted you said you know nothing has changed since november absolutely nothing there is no difference if an election was held today people would still stand on the same sites here i think there's been a lot of criticism uh the some of it warranted uh in terms of the president and and you know what he hasn't been able to get done but if you look at the the the main items what drives people to the polls nothing would change of the election if the if his second term uh you know was being decided at the polls tomorrow nothing would change uh and and i i mentioned you know just that i mentioned a terry mcauliffe there's a headline in the daily wire top democrat pushes racial quotas for incarceration a a rubber trade should made it made a great point that uh uh reducing rates of incarceration was framed as an end unto itself by mcauliffe with no commentary offered on reducing criminality right it's just this exists and therefore it's wasted an interesting article also in the wall street journal why the left leg can't let go of racism uh insane liberals sell innocence from america's past it bigotry is pronounced dead the racket is over the if we solve the problem in an uh it it's a it's as you know to to a big ridiculed paragraphs her today americans know that actor braces ms no longer the great barrier to black and minority advancement since the.

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