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Warning track centerfield will do we'll makes the play and the phillies get out of it despite not using sarangani dominguez for one inning for one inning in the ninth according to corey seidman of nbc sports philadelphia phillies ninth inning era is four point five six which is the fourth worst in baseball if you take narrows out of that formula it is three point five two gabes theory about using the best relievers in the most high leverage of situations is not the best strategy because if you get out of a sixth inning or seventhinning jam with sarangani dominguez and you think that's a high leverage situation what happens when there's a high level situation in the eighth or even in the ninth more specifically the ninth and dominguez is used up what happens when hector narrows comes in with a four run lead and boom boom boom boom gives it up quickly and then you've got to call on jake thompson to get the final out instead of the guy who should be your closer sarangani dominquez right regardless of what happens in the sixth seventh or eighth innings the ninth inning always has the highest leverage because the ninth inning is the last chance for the opposing team to maybe make a rally no matter how far they are down and if they're down within three runs which is a safe situation right which is what traditionally would call on a closer for that's a high leverage situation that is because you know why because that situation in the ninth inning should always be you call on your best reliever to shut the door boom boom shut the door game over and that guy shut the door is dominguez who kappler's using for too many innings he's not using him in the ninth and it made yesterday's game a little more hairier than it had to be a lot more hairier than it had to be i mentioned last week on their previous road trip when they went to l a in.

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