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Which is like an M R underscore ISAACs. I S A C S happy to email's fine to Steve at mine. Fair dot com. But Twitter's like my home, and my Twitter is at I wear the crowns or than one and Email is okay. I it's okay. So. Oh, no. You could do I wear the crowns at gmaiLcom. There are so many emails from. That's what. And that's right. Keep with the branding before we end this interview. Here have something to ask you guys. Are you guys fans of Buffy the vampire slayer? I saw that the other what ideas? I know who Buffy is. But I don't think I've watched a single. Should I be? Yes. Watching it on Netflix. Oh, goodness. You should. Yes. Start at the beginning. And it doesn't what I've told people is that even though it was made in late nineties early two thousands. Whatever may be it still is relevant like as far as. The humor in his snark. Yes of it. Just give it really really. Well, when you're like, okay. Mike says he's never seen it. I just was like I can't be your friend and one of the soda fan of nineties edginess. So I don't know. Totally missed the Buffy boat. Yeah. You get right back on seven votes. Seven seasons. So we're going off an hour or an hour. They are our episode. But but without commercials, though. I'm going to have to read the Pacific side. I can't I. Well, I mean, that's what I do. Like, I like, I don't know that much time because rate. But I get I get impatient. Okay. So it's like I watched the whole hour have to let me know when it blows you away from watching every episode one after another inching. One point when it clicks. And then I'll. Told you. Yeah. Oh, thank you. So much..

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