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We all sort of get it by osmosis that I used to think that that people were responsible for their leaders. I don't anymore. And so it's totally unjust, ludicrous and over generalized to suggest that its victims and victimizers what I take off against increasing these governments. Remember, I have stone, who you know, once described governments is comprised entirely of liars, and nothing they say should ever be believed. Quite right and toast. I once said governments are a collection of men who do violence to the rest of us. Between between Izzie is down and tell it I've got it about right. Seems to me they're all bad and some worse. And hello. Hello. Thanks So much for tuning in. Well, who am I? I am Alison breaker and I am not afraid of learning Communist governors. I'm joined once again by my excellent ho co hosts who keeps me honest in my research, Kelly Hello? Hello, everybody. Good evening. Now we're back early because we've been doing shows if you haven't tuned in, we're doing shows regularly now trying to get better, adding some video in adding all kinds of fun. Little fun clips, too. To go along with the show were streaming on Facebook live. We're over on YouTube. And of course you can still always here is over. Liberty talk done. If M were try casting this evening, it's been An eventful couple of days. And tomorrow is the next Governor Holcomb Press conference. Yes, Tomorrow's presser should be a real doozy. Well, I just find it interesting that he thought that all the rumors Rumors. Rumors were Fleetwood Mac Song about Rivers or an album about rumors. One of the other but apparently the journal Courier. Aboulafia did not get the memo because just simply take a look at your screen there. Look at that beautiful head like Governor Holcomb resists dialing back to stage five. And and why do you think he might have resisted? Taking us back down to the second lock down. Could it be that libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater. Set the record for Indiana gubernatorial Libertarian candidates in the history of the Libertarian Party. There close to 500,000 Hoosiers, about a half a million who's almost a half a million Hoosiers 10% of Rich, which the guy from the Wabash Plain Dealer Awesome to him for pointing it out. 10% of Republicans in Wabash County, peeled off and voted straight Donald's meeting. They voted for Donald Trump. And then they also voted Libertarian for Donald Rainwater. Whoops yet that was the ticket. I mean, we could not understand. Governor Holcomb is basically acted like a king since the initiation of this locked down Right, just getting more and more Sowing his oats. I guess they're feeling is well, he's issued 46 total edicts. 46 you Khun Reed always march, right? Yeah, Since the start stops reading the master, they said the unelected o b g Y n doctor box in the guy who's also monitoring social media. Steven Cox. How do you do? You can't make this stuff up Boxing Cox. I mean, I stopped reading the executive orders after those two yahoos were tasked with potentially forcibly extracting Hoosiers from their homes for, you know, quarantine purposes and again, you might think. If this was 1995 that that kind of thing is a conspiracy theory. But again, it's literally in black and white there until the order and the order is still a standing orders. It's still in effect, and it's not just that. We have the World Health Organization, The guy that was invented to a one. He seems like a real nice guy. But you know, those are the ones you trust. The least he's talked about forcibly going in and moving people from their homes is the most effective way to stop the virus. Yeah. News flash. There is no stopping the virus. There's no stopping the virus know Evangelina is going Tio move through us. And It'll mutate. I'm sure many more times just the same way the flu does. And you know There you go. So Going to have to deal with it, But we're going to gain immunity in the in the meantime. So you know, I hate when Facebook auto completes and I'm trying to just say hello to somebody. Hello? Hello. Hello. Hello out there. It's it's tough to keep all these screens going on at the same exact time. Thanks for tuning in. So we're here in kind of a spitball. And yeah, well, because the big question is what What will hope on due tomorrow at the press conference? What will he say? Are we going to be adding restrictions? What is, you know, Maybe he's going to explain a little more what he means with this surgical Approach. He's trying to take which I think really just means deferring. Everything Tio counties and mayors and Ringing and even more local bring it bring it more local makes it much easier for all of us as far as I'm concerned. Well, you know, I think the doom room because if you if you haven't if you're not a veteran of watching the online Holcomb press conferences, which it now it starts to look like my studio is actually nicer than where they're Broadcasting on him like they used to broadcast out of the governor's conference room there in the state House. And now I'm not sure. Maybe they're in a in a secure bunker in the in the basement, But, yeah, it did look like a basement dwelling it did. It did not look very It didn't look very much like civilian government ID looked like it was like after the apocalypse, where they were broadcasting last week's with the Blue Curtain. And of course, we have to remember now. This was the day after the election after Election Day, so you're staying. Maybe Holcomb did hunker down himself. Maybe he was concerned that if you have been to Indianapolis, it looks like a real hellhole. Looks like a real health. Hold the circle of the mess. Still, after all of these months, you know, because riding They? They've continued to board up. Even more areas in places were boarding up even today, right now, before I get too far away from my original point here is, I hope Holcomb will explain more of himself tomorrow because even though he's tried to dispel, like all of this, going back to earlier stages of the lock down with some sort of conspiracy theory to use his words, David rumor Right. Multiple media outlets cover the story. As like, Oh, my gosh. There's all these awful rumors out there. And then, as you can see on the screen there with the journal Courier, they didn't really get the memo. WNBC has a similar story. If I could pull that up here they were because the very next day he Reiterated hokum bhai fueling spread. You know this is the warning because we're his Children mask resistance could lead to other restrictions. And then if you go down here You've got an interesting thing. But the reason I'm hoping that he's going to explain himself is that because it seemed during last week's bunker basement press conference that even the special state approved zoom room journalists who never seemed to be able to ask a real question. Some of them some of them do. I will give some of them room they seemed kind of confused as well as to why we were moving back to there was I I listened again to the press conference and there was about while I was doing. 10 other things, and there was about two or three other questions that seemed like hey, you're showing us all these scary maps of all these county is getting more and more cases running out of hospital capacity. So why aren't we moving back and stay or what? What really is your plan, so Interesting. You know, we'll see. So there's been some developments. Of course, this has been on going over the last several weeks here in the United States, you know more and more states locking down Not locking down for, say, adding some really ridiculous restrictions that are essentially fuck up your entire life. So But yesterday was kind of interesting. The governor of Utah Republican governor of Utah. Has put together on delivered to his people, his edicts. As follows. So I guess they did not have a mask mandate. Lucky for them, but they're getting one now. And limits on social gatherings. An extra curricular activities. No. One outside Household's cannot mingle at all. None of them, none of them know gatherings. With more than one household. And $10,000 fine..

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