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The court with that the bird's eye at that age Hey Larry all right so not your traditional Mary Shelley kind of Frankenstein coming up I guess well one of my favorite companies for larks which is this amazing theatre company and they also are sort of making an offer and also a new folk and also a dance piece but they've done Frankenstein at the Wallis Annenberg center for the performing arts and it's scary and beautiful and it's really a lovely show all right looking forward to it more on that coming up thanks thank you in a four twenty nine here K. C. R. W. thank you for joining us on this Monday afternoon here's what's coming up on All Things Considered the Tokyo marathon had just a tiny fraction of its usual runners this weekend Japan is canceling events both big and small in an attempt to curb corona virus spread ahead of the summer Olympics will talk about that also former celt then mayor Rudy judge suspended his presidential campaign last night but not before exceeding early expectations will have a look back at his once promising campaign on the program state local news at four thirty two we are of course on the eve of supertouring the herd of candidates are looking to become the democratic presidential nominee has certainly been the last couple of days but Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren still in the hunt which is up to tonight in a visit to California after this from NPR live from NPR news in Culver city California and Wayne brown Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar's suspending her presidential campaign for the democratic nomination NPR's Windsor Johnston tells us the announcement comes on the eve of super Tuesday when more than a dozen states hold nominating contests Klobuchar's ending her presidential bid and is expected to endorse former vice president Joe Biden at a rally tonight in Dallas Klobuchar's decision comes after she finished sixth place and both Nevada and South Carolina the field of democratic candidates has narrowed heading into super Tuesday with five contenders vying for more than thirteen hundred delegates that are up for grabs NPR's Windsor Johnston the Minnesota senator is the third presidential candidate to drop out of the race in less than forty eight hours following Pete booted digis departure on Sunday and billionaire Tom Stiers exit on Saturday defense secretary mark esper says he's given the go ahead for U. S. troops to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan in the coming days as NPR's David welna reports the U. S. agree to draw down some four thousand troops by mid July in a deal signed with the Taliban over the weekend secretary Esther says under the terms of the agreement signed Saturday with the Taliban U. S. forces soon will start leaving Afghanistan and that drawdown would begin in the first ten days but you know my instruction to the commander was let's get moving let's show our full faith and effort to do that the U. S. has agreed to remove all troops within fourteen months asper says he expects fighting will start tapering off joint chiefs chairman general mark Milley agrees but to think that it's going to go to zero immediately that probably is not going to be the case the Taliban says a week long truce is over and it's resuming attacks on Afghan forces David welna NPR news Washington stocks rebounded on Wall Street the Dow is up more than five percent this is NPR news then this is KCRW news on Larry pearl on Monday March second good afternoon here's what's happening at four thirty two MSNBC host Chris Matthews has announced his retirement from the network tonight after more than twenty years at the channel will be replaced by a rotating group of host Matthew sudden departure comes in the midst of mounting criticism over several embarrassing on air moments Matthews compared senator Bernie Sanders campaign to the **** invasion of France was criticized for interviewing senator Elizabeth Warren in a condescending in disbelieving tone over the weekend journalist Laura Bassett published an article in GQ magazine's website describing a series of episodes for Matthews made inappropriate comments about her appearance in the makeup room of his studio before she was a guest on this program Matthews addressed the incident in his final sign of speech this afternoon the younger generations out there ready to take the reins we see them in politics and the media in funding for the causes they are proving the workplace we're talking here about better standards that we grew up with it's fair standards a lot of it has to do with how we talk to each other compliments on a woman's appearance than some men including me might have once incorrectly thought were okay we're never okay Matthew says he'll continue working on another book and quote continue to write and talk about politics and cheer on his producers and crew in Washington New York and on M. S. N. B. C. Matthew signed off after his initial announcement when was replaced on Monday show by Steve Kornacki the Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said to speak to a crowded east LA college tonight at seven thirty four has unveiled a new labor rights plan for farm workers and food chain workers ahead of super Tuesday as KCRW's Daniel to require reports the proposal would nationalize some of the labor protections already in place in California senator Warren wants farmers to be included in the nationwide push for a fifteen dollar minimum wage a push it until now has centered mostly on fast food and retail workers Warren says quote agricultural labor has been intentionally excluded from basically bylaws and the coal Americans of color were excluded from the opportunities that bill America's white middle class I would also emphasize water shade and worker safety and it will ban the use of a popular pesticide derived from a nerve agent the plan also states that she would double down on heat and air quality safety standards things that California has moved to enforce key to the proposal would be replacing the H. two A. agricultural guest worker visa program it's recently come under fire for potential wage theft and housing violations California is home to up to one third of the farm workers in the US and those with Warren performs well in some recent statewide polls it is not clear whether she has enough support to.

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