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Know? Congratulations that Dave See. Congratulations moving on Demi Demi lovato's performance. Okay everybody was anticipating her performance of anyone live in. This is the first time her performing live since her her od Oh d- since she had the od from heroin. So this I gotta be honest. If you haven't seen it go see it. It is believable. My mind was blown. I was GONNA turn your Michael said anything else. No no no no no what am I guess. I was absolutely absolutely I. I loved it. I loved what she did her performance of. What's crazy and I thought this was really dope and I don't know if it would plan planned? But when she started and then she stopped and then she's got to do it again and she started over because she was already emotional before four she started the performance and that obviously got everybody. She grabbed everybody by the heart right then and there and then her performance my God this performance formers. That's how you sing girl. That's how you say. No she sang. Yeah Yeah so actually. She had an out of body experience. I'm sure because then just ellie woo even thinking about right now for sending chills down my spine. Now it's sucks that it's in light of how fitting that she's doing this performance after after in od. But same time. Here's look very powerful performance and here's cool about that. It wasn't right after Jason drew. You know what I mean. If it was later she took time to heal probably learn and you know when I grow so I love that they let her have her time way to to learn her lesson yes and so and so. She did that performance as she got a standing ovation. y'All home because she put everything and the kitchen sink on best left everything on the stage all right now. Let's go over to the another the other thing billy porter billy billy porter to say some. I never knew that you could rock. I never knew you could wear a lamp lamp. Not only just the lamp shade but the whole lamp. Actually he looked like a walking chandelier. I don't know what he was doing and I'm not a really big fashion dude but I didn't know what he was doing at that moment. That was and then and then he got him attention though it was operated. Yeah it was it was A. I don't know as machine whatever you WANNA call into his face. I mean I will slow the rise curtains face I. We'll say he got everybody talking and I'm sure that was his purpose because I mean that's not like wearable fashion. No it's not like you uncomfortable. You can't see who does this. Obviously for the conversation which has over in today so it good job it worked it did he did the damn. AM thing and it worked for him saying it was ridiculous and it worked obviously. There's some winters. There was a obviously a Louisa. One won three Oscars. Ah Sorry sorry. Sorry I'm sorry Liz. Oh Won. Three grammys I know that Billy Billy Irish or like swept the awards as well right so let's go into coup these accolades and everything list. You just want the winters just winters well album the year When we all fall asleep where do we go by billy? I wish ran on Bhagat record of the year. Bad Guy by Billy Irish okay. Regatta that Song of the year bad gang by Billy Bush and best new artist Billy Bush and then we have pop the best pop solo performance goes to truth hurts by Lizard have best pop duo group performance old town road. A Little Nasdaq's between Billy Ray. Cyrus Oh can I can i. Can I just tap on the real quick. What was he wearing? What was that was a hot pink? Whatever did you see the performance he is out and about? I hated that performance. I didn't even see the performed. Performance was like it's not like they just infringe on his moment he had the bt 's he had some little boy Mason Jason Somebody he had the DJ group. Whatever I can't remember remember remember the big famous? Dj and bill and Billy Array. Billy Ray cool. Everybody else was like who are the. It was like a circus circus. I heard about it but I. That's the one part that I kind kind of I walked away. He couldn't have his moment and do that Song by himself. And Billy Ray come out and you had to have ninety eight thousand that nobody cares about so yes yes exactly basin such as. She's like six Mace Windu Mason. Somebody the yodeling kids baby. Yeah he is why is why. Why are you doing this to this boys song right now you got you got you got MacAulay Culkin from home? Eleven on the stage with that performance and there was this quote y in the elaborate set. Aside Gra that's the song you could just came out there. We ain't saying it noliwe come out and that's it yeah. I mean uh-huh but at the same time I could see why I could see how the angle where they were probably trying to find something different with the song because he's been played so many damn times that the discount. Let's let's spice it up. Let's do something a little bit different with it. You know so that people who are listening are already know the hook of the song. So let's do something to spice it up Masugi Destroyed it. Yeah yeah sorry all right. Well we've got the best pop. Vocal album is when we all fall asleep. Where do we go by And we got best rb performance Is Actually doesn't say. Who was the winner on Anderson? Pack might be come homage impact thousand okay Best rb song was say so but PJ Morton featuring pj we got the best. Rb Album was Ventura Tura nearby cocoa Sarai. That's my home girl. She won a grammy for riding on that album. No this is a very exciting We've got best rap performances racks in the Middle Donald and nipsy hustle featuring roddy rich and hit boy got best rap song as a lot by twenty one savage a lot. Your yes best. Rap Album is eager tyler the Creator Jonathan another friend of mine fast dope but by the way I do want to say something real quick. I know there's some people that are on the fence about Tyler Tyler. The Creator's performance and I'm going to say this. That was fire fire. I loved that literally I literally was fire what I loved it. I thought his performance was crazy. He was Birmingham Vibes. I'm the I'm the real shady with all the time by Joe Will the real slim shady. Please stay in fact. That's the first thing I said to my daughter I was just seeing history. An empty dispersed. Okay now back to watch right right and then it was like but I loved it was like performance art like not at the same time and I love the ending man that do just man. He left everything on states too. So the air in which we're GonNa talk about because you know he did say about everything in regards to the grammy's and all of that here very very shortly but Jack A couple of more right. Yeah Best compilation soundtrack. For visual media is a star is born August involved with that Best Music Film was called Homecoming Viansa. We got the best. Spoken word. Album is becoming Michelle Obama really. She won a grammy. Yep Head K.. Shoot run for president anyway. Moving on we got producer the year non-classical went to Athena's billy his brother. We got the talented group town. Duo Performance I did not see her performance really great. She created a whole moment and it was perfect right especially with everything. In light of everything was simple. Timing sat there saying her brother played gorgeous but unfortunately we gotta go into a quick commercial break when we come back. We still got grammy. Watch to talk about and we'll be right back. Visit the Pascal show. What's up y'all you're on? Wgn You nine twenty am and one zero six point nine FM real talk for real saint. Louis.

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