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Lindsey graham was a rival of donald trump during the 2016 primaries emu might not know that because he had a miserable showing he was obliterated by trump but uh enduring so trump humiliated him embarrass him in almost every imaginable way he even docks too so remember it's donald j troll he's the king of the trolls not only the troll lindsey graham but he gave out his private phone number while on the campaign trail it was unbelievable the things that he said about him were horrible horrific at center and remember lindsey graham as best friend in the senate is john mccain and and trump famously said i prefer people who aren't captured about john mckay which is a real so leader lindsey graham went on to have many agreements and disagreements with donald trump but apparently there were a golfing uh just a day ago and so uh lindsey graham said that this tweet really enjoyed a round of golf with president trump today president trump shot a seventy three and windy and wet conditions exclamation point so this is deeply embarrassing now he's kiss in his ass there is a second tweet that's even worse i'm going to read to at the end but list pause here to know that is inconceivable to donald trump shot a seventy three in ideal conditions let alone windy and went when all the things that graham said so i thought i remembered that that president trump was the notorious liar about golf and everything else in the world so i went back in research that yes golf magazine has an article about how noone could ever verify any he was gulf claims he claimed the ones that he had one eighteen different golf championships when they went and looked around and asked around now one could be verified.

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