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News. Officer Clayton was one of my most dedicated loyal and committed officers. Yeah. Is eight forty four and coming up at nine o'clock here on Arizona's on KTAR news. It's Bruce St James panel using you're going to talk about this officer who was killed. And now this guy was arrested for texting while driving hit the officer the suspect in this case, I don't know if that's the proper terminology. We know he's the one that was involving accident is alleged to have been texting while driving. Not impaired even heard any argument of impairment, but distracted. Yeah. And I said he was arrested for texting while driving, which is not a crime. He was not it's not a crime in the state of Arizona. It is in the city of Phoenix Tucson city of individual cities, do but we do not have a statewide law. But I come back to and and I'm not opposed to the idea. I get the sense of of a law against it. I just don't think it changes behavior. Jamie. You you the mention you know, who's going to be the first. Person that that that she tweeted is going to introduce a law, and this officer seem to ban texting. Speeding's against the law to. Yeah. But could this get it done? I mean, I I mean speaks against the law, and and nobody drives fifty five on the on the officers are able to enforce that law. If it's not a second. David Scott a secondary which the first primary offense secondary offense. Here's the problem. There is I am aware of this. I it drives me nuts. I see it. And you know, what when my phone vibrates or something and I'm driving down the road. We can look at it. It's pavlovian. Yeah. I wish I didn't. I I'm technically distracted while I grab it. Yup. I I think I'm in the vast majority people, and whether it's illegal or not is not going to stop me from reaching for the phone. Well, one of my arguments against anti texting and driving law is, you know, there are so many things that being a parent. I know this. There's so many things that can distract you behind the wheel. I mean, what are you gonna you gonna make a law for everything like, you know, no turning around and looking at the kids know eating the wheel, no shaving. Yeah. But this is not to but distract with it. I was driving down the fifty one I live right over here south on the fifty one a couple of weeks ago. And there is I won't say what department a law enforcement officer. And you know, the traffic block, you know, what I'm saying? They're the only one doing the the speed limit everybody. But I as I pulled up next to him. I I saw the officer looking down to his phone while he was driving. Yeah. Okay. I mean, there's no not angry at it. We all do it. Will they law fundamentally changed people from looking at their phone? Maybe it won't. But maybe it doesn't hurt. I know there's a there's the Salt River police department a law enforcement community and family screaming today because somebody could not look at their phone, right? And ended up killing a police off which is distracted driving which is against the law. Already. Understood in Arizona. Yeah. I dunno. I dunno. None of it solves anything. But maybe it might make some people feel a little bit better. If if this log it's finally pass. And like I said before I'm one of these people it's argued against it because there's so many distractions. But right distracted is you know, why you're distracted may not be the most important. All right. Bruce, St.

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