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It happened around eight o'clock this morning and Clovis avenue between Ashland and Gettysburg. This each piece as the man's car was hit directly on the driver's door by another car causing it to roll over onto its roof. The man inside was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries a mop up operation underway. After a water main break in northwest, Fresno this morning, the flooding caused delays for students and drivers using Palo Alto avenue. Close to riverside drive cities, director of communication. Mark Sandra, fourteen inch pipe burst early this morning out on the west side. That's going to affect real vista middle school in the central unified school district crews are in the process of restoring supplies to impacted customers all are set to have their supply back by the end of the day. The cost of the break is yet to be established a woman and a five year old girl are recovering after they were struck by gunfire in their southwest, Fresno home, just before eight o'clock last night, Fresno police, Lieutenant Gerardo chamo- beat says the gunfire reportedly came from a dark colored vehicle that it pulled up to the home near eleventh in Nevada think it could be gang related the people that are in the house are gang related, and we're not Rian very cooperative with at this point. So it's hard to tell exactly if the shooting was gang related or not both victims were taken a CRM see in stable condition. Anyone with tips on the shooting is asked to call valley crime stoppers at four nine eight stop a fifty one year old Bakersfield trucker is sentenced for shit. Shipping drugs from Mexico. According to court documents, Daryl Leon Jennings and fifty year old. Mario Alvarez moon is of Taft orchestrated a shipment of six kilos of heroin and eleven kilos of cocaine destined for Chicago. But the drugs were intercepted in Bakersfield Jennings sense today to five years in prison. Alvarez Moonies was sentenced last year to ten years behind bars. The partial government shutdown is over for now, but valley congressman Devin Nunes says work is still needed on immigration reform game Jay's Dominic McAndrew. Andrew has details. Essential paul. The stalemate was the president's push for border wool funding the end. So a budget Bill signs bring services back into operation for three weeks, the intention is that negotiations stalled on the physical structure at the point where the US meets Mexico speaking. Okay, I'm Br Appleton show congressman unit says he would like to see a wall built the challenge has been the Democrats want nothing short of full and complete amnesty. Immediate voting sanctuary cities on and on and on. And it's just it's unworkable. It'll never happen on the other side of the political spectrum democratic congressman TJ Cox says in a statement, he is frustrated that the partial government shutdown happened. But is hopeful that another doesn't take place again in three weeks time dominate McAndrew came Jane news, the state is increasing projected water allocations. But is KM Jays director, Don Rourke York reports it's still time. It's still low for valley needs the California Department of water resources is increasing allocation numbers to fifteen percent for most St. water project users now that's up five percent from a month ago. The allegations are based on what the state calls conservative assumptions.

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