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East County as well. So outside of 78 corridor, we got a great commute going. Coco's next real time traffic update. Just eight minutes way it a 10. Time to check in now with 10 news meteorologist Megan Perry. Hey, Megan. Hey, guys. Temperatures will top out in your normal this afternoon with overcast skies. A few Sprinkles to a stray shower can't be ruled out today and then again on Wednesday, the coast in the low to mid sixties in the valleys in the mid to upper sixties With San Diego's most accurate forecast on ABC 10 News meteorologists Megan Perry Now in Ramona 52 degrees Palais 53 Downtown. Mostly cloudy and 59. Hello, news time 802 and the news this hour brought to you by anchor funding dot net. Mirrors plan to get San Diego out of its economic crisis from this pandemic and to get more vaccinations into the arms of more San Diegans, Mayor Gloria We'll talk about it during a town hall meeting this afternoon starts at five o'clock will run for about an hour. Gloria will be joined by a council president, Dr Jennifer Campbell and public health experts. Expected to provide information about vaccine development and safety. The town hall will be live streamed on the city's YouTube channel. You can ask the mayor questions by submitting them in advance to this email address. Mayor Todd Gloria. That's all one word. Mayor Todd Gloria at San Diego dot golf. President Biden, hoping to get more Republican support for coronavirus relief package by meeting with at least 10 GOP senators. Handful of Republicans had requested this face to face meeting. They support a covert economic package. But they want the $1.9 trillion price tag reined in. They want to spend $600 billion over all, that would mean $1000 stimulus checks. Booze be phased out by income levels pretty quickly, they would also extend the enhanced federal unemployment benefits. Also offer up more money for food assistance programs. Democrats may also have trouble selling a smaller package to their supporters. The DNC tweeted this on Saturday, saying that December stimulus was essentially a down payment on a total of $2000 direct payments. That tweet generated all sorts of negative feedback, with some accounts, calling it pathetic. Others suggesting that by if they don't mail out $2000 checks just those 2000 The Democrats could lose their majorities in the midterms. That's Mark MEREDITH reporting. The doctor says the public should weigh in on animal experiments because he says he knows the Corona virus came from the lab. Dr Steven Quay says when he started his research with three investigative papers, he thought the virus came from nature. Initial conclusion. The probability was 98.8% that it came from nature 1.2% that it came from the laboratory. But he tells co going to use out of the deep analysis. His decision flip There's only 8.2% chance that one in 500 chance it came from nature. Instead, he says it was an accidental release from lab work on covert research, he says these releases aren't new and occurred in stars Cov one and in small pots. Marilyn Haider Kogo news not facing backlash over its restrictions of trading, easing them up. As users focus their attention on commodities Jenny Consoler reports. The traders connecting on social media who ran up the price of game stop another beaten down. Stocks of apparently now moved on to commodities and have pushed up silver price is the price of gold also has rallied. Trading at Robin Hood has relaxed restrictions imposed on a list of stocks last week. But games stop. Trading is still being controlled in a column in USA Today, Robin Hood, CEO of lead 10 of explains the temporary restrictions, saying it wasn't to help hedge funds it was to protect its system, which he calls the plumbing that handles stock trading every day. One of the questions coming out of the farmers Insurance opened this weekend in San Diego is Will there be fans at the U. S. Open in less than five months when Tiger Woods won the 2008 U. S open, nearly 300,000 people showed up at Torrey Pines to watch generate economic impact of $142 million in San Diego. But how many will be allowed to attend this year? There's definitely signs that would lead you to believe progress will be made, and they should have hope. But in the live event space, especially at that contingency plan, there's big steps that had to happen even though Week of the child side of our own event, some progress made in the statement or county and hopefully that progress and continue our event going off successfully seeing you know the players of all tested and they're safe watching our volunteers and others come on site. It's just breathe that confidence. Farmers Insurance open CEO Marty Gorsuch after 13 years the U. S Open returns to San Diego June 17th. Jack Wynkoop news. Peter Frampton is covering a Radiohead song from 2007 single Reckon. Er is the first song from his forthcoming instrumental album, Frampton forgets the words. Uh, that's that's actually a good title. Theo album, which is due out on April, 23rd features tributes to Lenny.

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