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How do I use the bathroom fluent Chinese and have someone said you you're gonna go three blocks down this way? Go to the first building on the left. It's yellow building with a red door knock three times on the door. And go up these five flights of stairs. There's a purple Dohrn old woman's gonna. Answer. And just ask it, let her know you use the men's room, and she'll take you to a door with a star in a drag on it. And in the time. I said that imagine that said at the same rate and Chinese and you will be studied it for three months. You're basically, you're basically gonna need a clean up on aisle five, you know, I was gonna say all you have to be. You know? I mean, that's basically what happened to wet is pants pretty much. There was a blitz protection that needed to be called or that. There was a play call and Jeff Fisher's offense than even though. The offense wasn't great. He was having to learn the stuff and over think this kind of thing. And that's that's the problem that he had the extreme of what happens to rookie quarterback's everywhere when they have to learn a dense offense, and what made Sean McVay so great was he limited the offense because he decided that let's put the into the hands of the players to diagnose things on the field will run some of the same similar place. So they can read how the defense is adjusting. Then come back to those plays and make adjustments as opposed to have an encyclopedia going on that one play. We played on third one in the middle of the second quarter. Let's go back to that in you know, in the fourth quarter. I mean, you can do that. When you have a quarterback who's played for eighteen years. You know, you don't do that with a quarterback who's played for one. So before I let you pontiff Kate about Brett Rippin for a little while. What I wanna do? There's two other guys. I think we need to talk about. Well, we're at thirty seven we need to talk about Daniel Jones. We need to talk about Jarret stidham. Let me quickly say about Jones, we know all about David cut cliff. We know all about all of the connections with the giants. We know all about all of those things. And we know, you know, Daniel Jones looks the part the other thing I want to say about stood him. Is it brings up for me? You know what Marx? Go field is talked about so-so career great at the senior bowl in the thing. I want you to address withstood him is is which one do you pay more attention to? Yeah. Those are great questions. And let's start with this. Listen, I know that David cliff is probably a little near and dear to the hearts of anyone who's who's washed. Eli manning play and admired what he has been able to accomplish for the giants over the course of his career. But let's understand something David cut cliff as good of a coach he is as good of a teacher that he is you still have to have great students, and what about all the other quarterbacks who've entered the NFL as David cliff guy who didn't make it like the Manning's. You know, is that the blame cut cliff? No because cut cliffs done his job. But he's a teacher. There's only so much that he can do. So sometimes I think this whole cut cliff influence thing has a little bit more influence inflated value to value to making these decisions than it. Should you know, because it's you know, you can have you can have a great teacher. But unless you're a great student. You know, I know quarterback coaches and many of them are pretty. Honest about saying, hey, I've coached some really good students, and I hope and I I've never impart things on them. But you know, me bragging about me having these guys as a student that helps from marketing, but let's be honest. It's just the fact that I inherited a great student. You know, who's able to take the information I can impart in use efficiently. So you know, when you look at Daniel Jones, he is exactly what the old school to NFL valuation of the position is which is he's big he came. He's intelligent in terms of books. Marts?.

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