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America's best contacts in eyeglasses so well, stealing with the very, very bad visibility and a slow ride from my Boston right out past US, US. I'm pretty much out. Just trust what he called Springfield. There, I said out west we go to West bound, using heavier back up, rooting out 1 90 out past route 12 and lemon stuff on 4 95 cell phone gets heavy to spin out by route 62 in Berlin. More delays further south before and after nine in Westborough to 90 eastbound, heavy three miles through Wooster right up to 2 90 westbound side of the bike. That's d O t Reduce speeds to 40 MPH out on 3 95 North Found heavy two miles Webster right up through Oxford South Bound on 3, 95, Jim, two Miles Sutton Road and right down to something road in an Oxford up north upper under 1 28 north on you having through. People get a little street for 95 both ways. James over a mile through hateful in Merrimack by broad street due to multiple spinouts there. Operator 1 28. Both directions, reduced speeds and Andrew three South Game 2.5 Miles to spend on this before root for in Chelmsford on 93 cell found heavy couple miles through and over to Dad's Come road and again through Wilmington, right down to route 1 29 were one is slow but moving. Okay. Chelsea to Lynnfield. Don't over. Pay for glasses Get two pairs in a free exam for just 69 95. The exam alone is worth 50 bucks. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your exam online today in certain states eye exams provided by an independent ophthalmologist. He stores for details, David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. Looking at the four day forecast. This heavy snow is expected to clear up early in the evening windy along the coast tonight. 36 inches are.

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