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Maybe he could be second. That would be surprising over camera but he could be third in that. It's gonna be harboring the top five but top eight something like that. I mean that could definitely happen. so i that's what you're excited about right. The role that travel could play and he was a third round pick chavez. kelsey was the third round. Pick granted was like thirty picks earlier than trautmann overall Kid who was a fifth round pick. But you get good good tight ends in the third round in the nfl draft there. There are one hundred and forty two targets vacated in this new orleans offense from emmanuel sanders injured. Cook leaving the team Twenty one touchdowns two saints tight ends over. The last two seasons they were tied for the eighth most tight ends and twenty twenty eighth most touchdowns to tight ends in two thousand twenty tied for the second most touchdowns to tight ends in two thousand. Nineteen the target share. I hope it ends up working out. Trautmann's way where he's third. I think he's going to have to be best unless there's an injury again and he's just going to need a high catch rate to boost the efficiency there but i think the touchdowns could be in favor. I could see him being a. He's a big guy. He's tough to take down. I could see him being a reliable red zone option for james. Who's leaned on tight ends going back to his college days. If james is the guy really liked trauma and if it states hill than i'd like trautmann i read a little bit on that. I think over the past two years. Jared cook has shown us the recipe. It's the reason. I don't have trautmann. Projected very high. Because i don't ever believe it but each of the past two years. Jared cook has had some value because he's scored sixteen touchdowns on hundred and five targets. You should never ever ever. I don't think bet on somebody doing that. But he's done it two years in a row and been useful despite the fact that he averages like forty receiving yards per game. I don't know if how much of that was related to breeze. And if they'll score passing touchdowns at the same rate they have the past two years but he like his path to being a fantasy relevant player. I think is the jared cook path. He needs to score at a very high rate. And what about tyler higby. Where's the love for tyler higby. Because he's definitely. I think a lot of people are gonna see him in a higher tier than this. And you haven't basically at the bottom of your tier. Yeah maybe a little bit of this as me. Just being burned by him last year. I was extremely bullish on tyler. And he ended up not being the factor that i thought he would be. I think this is still gonna be an offense that downfield and leans on the receivers a little bit more and higby is still going to have his fair. Share of pass blocking duties in this offense stafford. A tight ends. I've done the work on that Anywhere from twenty one to twenty two percent of all his throws of gone too tight ends three of the past four years anywhere from ten to twenty six point. Nine percent of his total touchdowns have gone too tight ends over the past four years younger. There's an opportunity there with ever gone. Chur that higby is worth a late pick. Yes he's in that same vein as blake jarwin. He's a potent offense..

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