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Pete wasn't putting any money down on baseball games or if he was nobody ever found out about it and no one thought to look too deeply as he continued to play top tier baseball into the next decade eh one of his most iconic moments and one of the most iconic moments in baseball history came during the nineteen seventy all star game name held in the Reds Own Stadium while the game was just an exhibition and didn't count for for anything other than pride those involved took it extremely seriously for the past seven editions. The National League all stars had bested rested their opponents from the American league with the game being held on the reds home. Turf Pete was desperate to keep that streak going it was one of the most exciting all star. Games in recent memory going into the bottom of the ninth. Pete's National League team was down for one they managed to mount a comeback and although the inning ended with Pete striking out he didn't care by then the team had nodded up the game at four to four they were going into extra innings. The tenth inning passed without a score for either team same with the eleventh by the time. Pete got back up to bat during the bottom of the twelfth there were two outs and no men on base a thirteenth inning seemed inevitable but not to Pete Rose First Pitch Ball one second pitch ball to up to go with a hitters. This count rose took a cut of third pitch and punched a soft single into the outfield. The next batter up hit a single as well moving beat up to second the crowd buzzed with anticipation has another batter. Jim Hickman of the Chicago cubs stepped up to the plate. Hickman took a cut and slap a soft line drive out to center field. Pete took off like a bat out of hell he never even considered stopping at third base playing it safe just wasn't NPR's DNA as he turned the corner towards home plate. The crowd roared all fifty fifty one thousand eight hundred thirty eight of the people in attendance rising to their feet at once there was still one thing standing between Pete and a Glorious Victory American League Catcher Ray Fosse he stood sentinel over home plate glove outstretched ratched the center fielder hurled the ball towards Fossey as Pete barrel down the third base line. It was going to be close to close for arose gritting. His teeth Pete lowered his shoulder. He charged into Fossey at the same moment. The ball came into the catcher's. Mitt the force of the the collision knocked Fosse to the ground in a heap the ball flying from his glove as Fossey lay on the ground writhing in pain. Pete scrambled to touch home base. Although it was a physical play the umpire ruled fair. Pete had won the game but it came at a cost Ray Fosse at separated and fractured his shoulder rose was explain it away by simply saying there was no place to slide the collision play went down as one of the most memorable in the history of the the All Star game also unofficially sanctioned the home base collision play as a part of baseball runners continued to use the play. Hey to breakthrough. Catchers standing in the base path until catchers were outlawed from blocking the plate in two thousand fourteen four safety reasons following. Pete's triumphant moment in the nineteen seventy all star game he helped lead the reds to their first appearance in the world series is in nine years although they lost to the Pittsburgh pirates in five games this season as a whole had been a triumph for Pete individually he finished seventh in MVP voting and won. Another golden glove a few days after the season ended. Pete brought his father hairy a with him to a charity basketball game at a local Cincinnati high school as the capacity crowd filed in to get a look at their hometown hero hairy noticed. There were markings on the floor for a forty yard dash. A mischievous glint appeared in the elder roses is he strolled over over to where Pete was shooting some warm baskets and challenged him to a race had I P laughed him off. He may not have been the fleetest afoot afoot but he was twenty nine years old and at the peak of his athletic powers but Harry kept egging him on Pete caved and agree to the race. This Harry wanted to get embarrassed in front of a crowd of high-schoolers was his decision. After a quick sprint. It was all over as the crowd cheered. Pete shook his head in Disbelief Harry had won the kids packed into the stands aided up a fifty nine year old bank teller had beaten Charlie Hustle himself in a foot race in it hadn't even been close close a week later. Pete was at the barbershop when the telephone rang as the barber listened to the voice. We saw the other side. His face went white handshaking. He hung up and turn to Pete. He had terrible news. Hairy was dead. Pete couldn't believe it. He must have misheard he. He asked if the barber meant his mother hairy couldn't be dead. He was invincible but it was true that day in December nineteen seventy seventy Harry rose died from a blood clot in his heart. Pete wept for three days on end. His father was his hero. Oh his guiding light while Pete hadn't quite lived up to Harry strict moral code he had still learned to be honest to admit his mistakes but with Harry Gone Pete loss that voice in his ear keeping him on the straight and narrow and as his star continued continued to rise. There was nobody around to keep him in check not his wife not his mother not his teammates. Nobody could tell him no and that was just fine by him. Coming Up Pete becomes truly on shackled and now back to the story when Pete Rose lost his his father Harry in December nineteen seventy the twenty nine year old all star was beset with Grief Harry had meant everything to him but pete refused to let his father's death destroy him by the time the first pitch was thrown for the nineteen seventy one season. Pete Pete was ready to play and he had a hell of a team behind him to do it with the big red machine was the nickname of the nineteen seventies. Cincinnati natty reds the core of the team dominated the National League for the majority of the decade some still consider them to be one of the greatest teams teams ever assembled they trotted out future hall of famers Johnny Bench Joe Morgan and Tony Perez with a supporting cast that included Ken Griffey Senior and George Foster and of course Pete Rose Pete was one of baseball's most fearsome players throughout the nineteen seventies he won. MVP In nineteen seventy three and captain the reds to another world series appearance in nineteen seventy five this time they were facing off against the Boston Red Sox after Pete led the team to an incredible comeback in game six. The reds headed into game seven with a championship on the line. The team came out of the gates sluggish luggage and slow by the time the sixth inning came around Boston was up three to nothing with one out and all seemed lost then. Pete rose came up to bat like most of the twenty five hundred plus hits peed racked up to that point. The ball didn't have a ton of power behind it but there was enough to get him to first base when the next batter came up. Pete bounced up and down in anticipation nation as long as the batter hit a decent ball nothing could stop eat from getting to the next base or beyond nothing except for or a ground ball to the shortstop poorly hit grounder like that often lead to double plays in fact Boston had already racked up two two of them so far. If they got another one it would be three outs and another inning wasted. Pete prepared to run as the pitcher wound up through the batter swung and sent the ball straight to the shortstop from there. All the shortstop had to do was make an easy eight foot toss to the second baseman and P would be out there was almost no point in running but this was the world series and Pete was determined to try he charged down the baseline and launched into a feet first slide. Has the shortstop tossed the ball to the second basement. He was too late. The baseman caught.

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