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Southern is a particularly harmful chemical for bees because as it dries little particles are just about the size for being to pick up and take back to the i as as pollen and so i would again i would caution people very very strongly that southern is is probably not one of the one of the better insecticides to be to be used because we do really need what you b's we have left around here yeah absolutely and i think it's a matter of timing your applications but also applying them in the correct way talking about box elder bugs you usually see in those on like the side of the house you're seeing them on the fence you're seeing them on the ground those are the places that you know you're going to spray for those guys i wouldn't recommend going and spraying that seven up in the tree that's typically not where the box elder bugs are and again like you mentioned it's it certainly has an effect on those bs so i appreciate you bringing those up there's always those things we got to think about so appreciate the call their dell your spring something on the side of a house there's also the after spray that falls down on the croker says and and other flowers at the bees are working so i would caution people very carefully about it all right so yeah that's always always a general a good concern something to be aware of whenever you're spraying something like that i mean something like per mathurin is still is still not as good but it breaks down a lot faster and is probably a better longterm use or piran but yeah using any insecticide is always is always something you've got to be careful of especially when you're dealing with it in the spring so and the.

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