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I got a friend of mine. Who can touch his tongue to his nose. And he didn't earn that that's just some freak thing that he can do at parties and that for me was impressions. Because you're right. I was doing them as a kid in elementary school at the lunch table to make milk amount of my friends know and so it was probably my first impression was probably shaggy and scooby doo. Yeah the first thing like ice scoop. We're really in trouble so that was probably did. Your parents love it. They were a great audience. they really were. They indulged me probably too much but yeah they. They loved it they were. They were an easy laugh. And then the last one whitney see says to what degree is he. A sentimental person. Does he hang on old papers and trinkets look at my my room. Entire life is filled with toys from my childhood youtube dot com slash alison rosen to see the level of sentiment surrounding him. Yeah i mean this. Entire office is filled with batman toys. A great many of them were things. I actually played with as a kid.

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