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Boston, Lakers, Tony discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


I do you see the hints what do you see yeah i think he's gone as well i think there's sort of like a expiration date on the brian like even i don't know what the cats could do next year to make themselves competitive and the reality is it does seem like with philly coming up austin coming up i don't know what type of team they would have maybe these same guys that year older already seemed like they were sick of each other this year so now it's time for him to go to someplace else and when i look at someplace else there is philly out there and lebron has be willing to go to philly because they have the cap space la has the cap space doesn't make sense from winning standpoint the one thing that keeps screaming out and based off the western conference finals is houston like they need him like james harden needs the bronze janse could be james harden chris paul is there i'm sure when they made that trade a long time ago not to say there's anything wrong with going out there and giving chris on it worked out then tony made it work but they had to be thinking this is the bronze boy they wrote around the banana boat together they hang out together like this could be the ultimate play and trying to beat the warriors key chris paul dinn go get lebron i said to start my show today and it works this way in every business brian there's three tiers their starbucks there's dunkin donuts and there's everybody else there's the iphone there's the android and everybody else there's coke there's pepsi and there's everybody else i feel like the nba now is the warriors wherever lebron's at and everybody else i say that knowing that oh boston's good they they won a single eastern conference playoff road game and they shouldn't on that one and houston's good but it looks like that i so ball wears hardin out by the end of a season and chris paul got hurt again lakers philadelphia by the way their best players not really shooters shooters league like i just think the league now is tiered warriors wherever lebron is in everybody else is that too hyper bark is that too.

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Boston, Lakers, Tony discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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