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Well it was looking for something really for george animal steel to do during the time it was an ice little cameo for him and if you're gonna put one guy with a goatee and moustache in drag then you put another harry animal up in drag nice we'll just some some good funny shit it was it was more for house shows you get a little added attraction when you get georgina come out and kind of chase peggy sue around and stripped down jimmy hart nice funny ha ha ha baby have a fun match at wrestlemania four of course he wins by the queue so he doesn't win the belt but he does get to put honky tonk man the sleep and there's some fun ceiling this here where peggy sue has to wake up or boyfriend after he gets a haircut she pours a pitcher of water on him and he says quote in the end did not get the bell as patterson and promise me but they say i would get a run with the bell later after honky lost at someone else in the near future he was disqualified at the pay per view to keep me looking strong without a pin fall so i would look like a viable contender in the near future what'd you think wrestlemainia four and what do you think of him asserting the pat had maybe misrepresented this to what earlier it was vince who had promised in the continental championship now that he didn't get it it was pat promise in the intercontinental championship again i go back to guys going to hear what they wanna hear in they're going to here and have takeaway from conversations what they wanna take away from those conversations you know what the match was fine the match was what it was it was meant to be an entertaining ha filmer match and that's exactly what it was and everybody played their role and it was fine no one is ever going to cues beefcake of having a great wrestling match just never happened in his career however he had charisma and people love the damn barbara gimmick well let's talk about what he's doing after this because he starts working with hockey tonk man april may june and july rita's wins every single time either by the hugh or so sorry count out thing then it gets put with outlaw ron bass and i gotta tell you as a kid this angle and the way you guys play this on tv is something i remember like it was fucking yesterday tell us about this angle that we all remember with ron bass well the whole idea behind beefcake working with ron bass was they had worked previously in it was somebody the beefcake was comfortable with and familiar with and we were also looking to try and get run over and do something with wrong thinking that there will some money there in the big cowboy big nasty cowboy so we did an angle were raw basf onto gets to beat cake and he takes his spurs any runs the spurs across the top of beefcakes said and beefcake just bleeding like a stuck pig and it was fairly graphic an awful lot of blood and it was so much blood that we did the old censor gimmick across the screen so you would see certain parts of the act she put a big exa cross the screen and it was a technique that the old www f used to us when are they jack lanza or blackjack mulligan used to put the claw people and they put the claw on people and they would censor it because it was too violent to see in kids god go get away from the tv right now and they put a big x across censor it so that's what we did i think we have even gone to black and white during it as well which intensifies that affect make it look a lot worse than it actually is and it was weighed get a lot of heat on ron bass and give beef for some something sink his teeth into man you guys censored it it was all on aided as a kid i'll sold because you thought you were you were something horrible had happened to your hero brutus barbeque i can't lie that's exactly what thought and as a result be for is out of his intercontinental title championship match against the honky tonk man for summer slam eightyeight so raw advas really ruined brutus is ruin here want wall long.

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