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You know, I didn't have any so trying to figure out ways to to make money and they offered me a good contract to to play team tennis. So plus it was it was matches leading up to Wimbledon and the French and all. That which would have been good for me. So all that aside the French decided that team tennis wasn't good for the game in itself. And and that that was going to keep guys from playing in the major tournaments and so forth, which for me was just the opposite. I was going to play the majors and use adas as matchplay and getting in shape and all that. So anyway, they decided to keep me out piss you off. You know, so many things happen then. Yes, it pissed me. It did. And and, you know, you know, go back, and whether I would've won the French or not, you know, it's it's almost a it's a better story that went on in one Wimbledon and the open and the story is now wish it who knows Conners go to won the grand slam. You know, who will never know. Now, it was you know, then lawsuits come in. And you know, and all that. And and it was nothing about that that I enjoyed that was one part of my career that that really wasn't. You know, a fun part? I had a manager. Who was you know, took over that did a lot of things it was his Bill Reardon reared Ilori at who you know, who was probably the greatest marketing and promoter. I'd I've ever met Don King of tennis beyond Barnum and Bailey before Barnum and Bailey, and he could he could sell sell you anything. And how did he sell you for him? And he sold me that was the whole thing. How he sold me. You know, when I was first coming up, Michael. And I walked in one of his tournaments. I I don't I I don't even think I was a pro yet in and I walked into do a cocktail party, you know, for him and the sponsors in and as I walked in. I I had no credentials. No anything, and he says the one and only Jimmy Connors, you know, Dom looking around saying know, where is he, you know, I I have no credentials to to warrant that where. But that was his starting of building me know, my reputation in in in what I was you know, what an is point where you start believing that. All right. Like, I am the Jimmy kite. Then you're right. Then you're like, I am Jimmy Connors. Yeah. I mean, obviously, you know for him to say that you know, he he had to to see something. So, you know, okay. I'll take it. You know? So then you, you know, then all of a sudden you start winning a few matches. And then all of a sudden you start believing that and you're right district believing. What was the first match where you're like? I'm gonna like, wow, I'm somebody. This is the one that now it puts me on the map was seventeen years old. I was playing in the Pacific southwest, which is right here in L A at the loss, Los Angeles tennis club, and I'd gone through the qualifying won five matches in the qualifying to play the great, ROY. Emerson L. I I found I had all this later, but he had just come from the US open where he was in the semi-finals, I think which is a grind..

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