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National pap just GonNa make it. A PAP hosts like a real red card. Okay is that it route. Are you going to put her pop in your bio. You're in love you're starting at. There's no love mine so I've decided my good week is that I've taken the reins of the leading podcast. And since you don't get a quickie for your birthday or as we know we're going to do a quick a birthday themed good week bad week for you. The my good week is to take the reins and happy birthday to me. Happy Pappy I that is this is that I had a great idea for your birthday present but you saw it it. 'cause it was on my laptop and you're working on my laptop and there were like ten desktop photos of Kelsey that I pulled off the Internet from who wore a better. I was GONNA make calendar. Every month would be a time she lost wore about is a great birthday presents. However here's what's really what? I found out about Kelty when when I did this every single time. I Google Image Something Kelsey Knight who were passed the only place I could find the photo was Kelty. NIGHT DOT com. So I couldn't couldn't even find the original source of the photo. She took that Shit and scandal at Kinko's from like the actual magazine exists nowhere else but Kelty night dot com. I have a question regarding that. Yes what's this new the new pick with you and Kelly. How'd you call that Paparrazzi? Oh Yeah you're pop Razzi pick with Kelly. I don't know the Paparazzi. She just showed up at. Your House was walking her. It was crazy. You're nice posed picture with Kelly full hair and makeup. Yeah didn't have any makeup on the. That's why Chris says you you don't that doesn't look like you have no makeup on. Do you want to stop eating on the podcast shows but it was my birthday. What else? What's your good week about me? I could we take the reins of this episode of nights road. Good Week bad week and the good week was that I found out that you are crazier than I even imagined the only place these pictures exist Kelsey night dot to come. But then you're also doing those pictures. And then what was the one of her and Ryan Ross so I ran out of a there. Were only like nine I know and then I was like shoot. I need to just do embarrassing photos of hearst than I like Gould like old Kelty night photos. There's a plethora there was one that came up with her and Ryan Ross and it just so special. I think that was during the era wearing the rose vest. Oh yes good era. Oh yeah you showed me this. That was the night we met at the fancy fancy makeup hair extension was so many flippin eclipse okay. A raccoon tail is all blown like short blunt. Bob And with like a long long. I just like I would've cheated on me to you. Know Jack what's up Okay my good week. There's this new series on wait. It's supposed to be about me. Oh Birthday centric for Kelty. Oh so you my God miss this. Oh I thought that are good. Week was going to be like a collective good week of her birthday. Like a happy healthy centric. That's well listen to this. What's your favorite thing about Kelsey? This game let's go in a circle and say their favorite thing about county. Okay what can I do a good week. That's it's it's interesting this hard. What do you love about Kelsey bad week? I think the question. I've never seen Jackson squeamish my bad week. Miami my bad week that I was going to do on a different episode that can involve both of Jio. That's your guy says good week is both the abyss bitches are on wicky feet.

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