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What is what what you bunch them just coming into camp next camp they come in so genial desk place. Three league games. Let's say and then you bench them. I mean yeah. The that's the way that's the way it has to be it. You have to do it for the national team when when you come play here you can't be responsible for giving up a goal. A gain in happened tonight. Just sergeant is a is a primarily. Striker is bundesliga striker. He got benched. Yeah like fox he. He's in champions league with young boys. You got benched for an eighteen year old. Actually doing it. It's just. I don't. I don't think i don't think anyone is beyond that. You know like maybe tyler adams's because he's just so clearly so much better than any other option at the six But even that is like he. He proved it with the way he played so i. I don't think i i'm sorry. There can't be any sacred cows in this camp. Nobody nobody hears landon donovan in the twenty ten cycle. Where you're like okay. He's not performing for his club or he had a rough half versus. You know mexico know but it's land in. We know he's still going to be the best player throughout this cycle. Nobody has that bread with this team. Not even christian pulisic so it. And i'm not saying that none of these players should ever be thrown in the trash. They're also talented. But at some point they have to back that up with performance for the national team in the guys you mentioned have not and so the they can't be automatic. Starters just can't and the same thing happened was stephan next. Seven plays for manchester city or doesn't play and matt turner out. Plato met turns a starter now as has to work so if if you look at anything of these last three matches to as well if you look up. The names and the clubs. They're associated with. It doesn't matter in any of this. That's kind of the big takeaway of these of concacaf. Qualifying is right and people tell you and you do and then you go out there. And you're saying okay. Andina har is the best player on the pitch like who cares. Benjamin he was getting dominated by debbie. Flores who was caught by the vancouver whitecaps yeah. It doesn't none of that alabama greek league. None of that stuff matters and i think even when we saw off the field with western being sent home or left out or whatever spend it. I don't know what the technical term would be for. But it's like there has to be that sense of accountability. Where if you don't track your man or you don't follow the rules. Whatever it is like if you start letting that stuff go Than you really have a bigger problem and so i think i agree. I also think that it is part of the part of the job of the manager to get the best out of your best player and to engage the best players. Because if you start throwing away. John anthony brooks are you start losing d you know desk or you starting your desk mccain. That's not..

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