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Number one hit music station one of those seven five best sex way all right man who we got today today guys we've got josh who is recently engaged taken on lauren who's a speech pathologist who says hugs is a lost cause well that's your professional opinion i agree expert hurtful lawrence okay she's a she's a professional oh yeah let's her professional opinion like nba scout came to me and it's like hey you're a lost cause you're not going to be in the league i'd like you're you're right so it's not be so defensive hawks jeez calm down josh we're gonna ask you some stereotypical man and women questions if you score the most points at the end of jared and katie's battle of the sexes we're sending you to the warped tour good luck all right ladies first lauren question number one which member of jared and katie in the morning is the youngest is it jared katie or jason goodman katie katie that is correct just barely but yes just barely half i mean i'll take whatever i can get okay josh first question for you fifty five percent of women have used a curling iron for this purpose what is it as a weapon you iron out wrinkles in their clothing or as a fake microphone microphone guilty all right wonder one all right lauren question number two what percentage of men prefer a woman with green is is it twenty six percent forty six percent or sixty six percent twenty six twenty six is correct all right josh twenty five percent of married people surveyed would divorce their spouse if this happened is that they found out that their spouse was cheating they found out their spouse hid money from them or they won the lottery hit money from them money from them no lauren is that they found out their spouse was cheating they found out their spouse had money from them or they won the lottery won the lottery if you get the next question right you do win the game the washington redskins kirk cousins will become the highest paid player at what position is it running back wide receiver or quarterback lauren oh sorry i didn't realize it was me quarterback even hear the question and the quarterback is correct she won the game congratulations are in congrats you just got tickets to the work towards music festival featuring all time low taking back sunday just to name a few they're coming to charlotte in july you can get your tickets seven five kc l dot com soaked up by live nation suspend another round.

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