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Pierced jewellers is the place to go shop local shop smart shop jewelers all right man tell me if I'm an idiot or not and please wait until I asked the question because I think you want to answer right now it feels like we're doing a lot better this afternoon on the roads then what we thought it would be like save this earlier today around one or two o'clock yeah I think that's accurate I thought it was going to be real you know what show here the seven right but the other states actually I mean they're covered it it's treacherous out there but as far as rex were doing a lot better than what I thought we would it's kind of calm down since we're talking earlier this afternoon earlier this evening I mean I can tell you west bound for sixty five we clear to crash here was in the dish they fished it out we're done here except for the traffic stop and go running from sixty five over thirty one pass that that's also slowing down northbound sixty five from Southport road up to four sixty five heavy on the ramp to west bound for sixty five southbound sixty five seventy still stop and go in the collector from the Norse went down to Washington because of a wire in the road be careful there hello Jeff do kind of a junk yard is five double crashes I can tell you northbound calendar twenty fifth another one near seventy first and then ninety six it's spring mill road is trash and southbound spring mill road at ninety six three thirty years at sixty five crash there and we're looking at northbound sixty five right now also pretty heavy here coming out of downtown traffic sponsored by here's a jeweler George Markle three this Christmas so don't be a Grinch spoil your loved one with a little blue box appears jewelers in Carmel I may have their father was on Twitter for instant traffic updates at W. I. B. C. traffic snow is still falling we are still under that a winter weather warning until seven AM tomorrow holding steady at thirty two degrees at the American standard heating weather center at ninety three W. IBC amber Nigel show on ninety three W. IBC survey came up with the most popular cookies in every state the post popular Christmas cookies in every state hammer.

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