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And so you know so oftentimes did joe he brought joy out of despair and that day at the buck o'neil center when i walked over all that water in that building and the insurmountable damage that had been caused was one of the darkest days ever for me but there's light in the midst of darkness has so many again has rallied around his museum and his memory conclude with the real meaning of the national negro league museum and it's a special place because it is america at a worst joe it is also america at a triumphant best and that's what makes the story of the negro leagues so special in so rich and so compelling it's never crowded about the social injustice they went out and did something about it you won't let me play with you all create a league mile what you stop to think about that is the american way and so even though america tried to prevent them from sharing in the joys of her so called national palestine it was the american spirit that allowed them to persevere and prevail and that is what you gain when you come here you come here and you learn about the history of this country you leave here tearing the power of the human spirit congratulations on all the wonderful work you've done always great to visit with joe is so good to see you so great great to have the red sox in town and so i said this is the day that i look forward to every single you negro league hall of fame president bob kendrick with our own joke is dig leone i'm chris villani coming up next we'll hear from red sox manager alex cora it's the managers report straight ahead on the herb chambers ford pregame show and the w red sox radio network you know how some.

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