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So Cassie's mentioned multiple times that he's the third line left winger. I think you need to keep him in that spot. That's where he's most comfortable. That's where he's generating the most production. So even if it's not a top 6 roll with creatine out. If he's able to give you 1520 goals in that third line, add some much needed secondary scoring. It's a good opportunity for him, and if he plays well, one raises his stock for a new contract next year. And you look at how important that role is, it's not a top 6 role like it was in years past, but you're still a very important piece of this team on the third line. You need as much as and howler intriguing candidates using the guy who they can bury the puck and add secondary scoring. And most like it's going to fall into rust kind of fill that role in that third line that as intriguing as it is, we really don't know that much about right now, how they're going to function. Yes, what makes you a little apprehensive with the brusque? Because obviously you mentioned kind of setting the bar low for a good season from this year. It's tough after last year because I really thought in 1920 that was his quote unquote down here. And I said, well, you know, he's on a bridge deal. He's gonna fight back so hard. Have a much better year in 20 21. And it didn't happen. And obviously the circumstances you mentioned with COVID and the having to basically isolate yourself all the time. Don't exactly help. And definitely will be something that will be lifted off from this year. But I just, it's apprehensive, you know, I remember had some about it in a sense. Can I really pencil him down for certainly a bounce back? I mean, again, you look at just this page 5 goals, 14 points, 41 games. I expect him to have a lot more than that. And again, a lot more as you said his 15 goals, 20 goals. And even just being noticeable. I mean, how many times last year, did you finish covering a game? And you think to yourself, oh yeah, Jake depressed. Did you first played? Like you almost didn't notice him using visible out there. So he's one that I'm a little apprehensive about. You know, after my big prediction last year, a little upright spot on this year. Another thing was Mercer and Jimmy, old friend of the show tweeted, what would NHL on Nick look like? And I thought I had a pretty accurate tweet about this. I said Jake de brusque has MVP written all over him. Jake rusk would be like the prototypical Nickelodeon most valuable player or whatever that is. We gave Mitch trubisky. Absolutely could see Jake breastfeeding like slimed or like loving it, you know?.

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