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But then there's Underwood and then who's the other one like there's Johnny over would know there's another wood in there, too. With the last name with a wood in there, there's Underwood and let me look at the Cubs roster here. Fuller Than pitched. Yes, Homer. Homer would know it's not homer wide since the wood that keeps appearing in my text messages you're talking about Sylvie? No, that's pandemic Would who used to be? It's Norwood and Underwood. And of course they have Chatwood. They've got the market on all these woods, So I mean, like they just bring in all these guys, so oh, Winkler. He's that's good times in Seattle or wherever he's been not perfectly calling him. We call him Henri Suzy to find since he took the ball is calling him Henry at the house. Yeah, let's bring in the fines. And then Underwood's got good stuff. Let's bring him up. He can't find the zone. Still, let's have him bring it. John Wick to Peril is injured all year last year with Toronto at school. He had a good last three weeks of the season. Let's bring him in Norwood nowhere. Can I ask you two questions quick. Like I'm no means I'm I was the guy that jumps on the first year manager four games in, but a Why wasn't Jason Heyward a defensive replacement late in the game and be why did he stick with with what's his face? The beardless guy? A zlotys he did he tried to shave his lock away. Don't you mean why he stuck with Kimbrel? Well, First of all, why? Why not replace What's his name? John Philip Sousa in right field, which is with J. Jason Heyward. It's a good point because that probably would have been caught. Came over, bro. So when we come back, we'll play David Ross why he didn't get Kimbrel earlier and boy like again. Kimbrel is a huge, huge problem. Huge, huge problem, but this bullpen and I got some numbers on the pen, but I want to know emotionally from Cubs fans, baseball fans. Sox fans. You got a double header today. Are you watching these games? Just like normal like, Are you living and dying on Game four with every pitch as it goes down to the wire doesn't mean more to you because you've been without sports for so long and tomorrow isn't promised, knowing that it could be taken away Or is it harder to get into all these games in the middle of a pandemic when it can be taken away? So, like a lot of people may say, Well, how could I get into the game? Sylvie? If I know, like in a week, this whole thing could be Blown up and the league go down, But I do have while I have some really good optimism on the covert front in Major League baseball, Actually, even in the wake of the Marlins news, I'm not sure you're allowed to share that on this show, but maybe we'll break training. We'll start with that will get your calls. What were your emotions? Watching the game into it is normal or not is into it because of what's going on 332 3776 in Rossi answers the Kimbrel question. You're Listeningto Bottle and Sylvie on ESPN. 1000 Chicago's home for Sports. ESPN. 1000 Chicago's home for Sports. Chicago's home for Sports on Instagram at ESPN underscore Chicago. Hey, guys. It's Sylvie from Waddle and Sylvie. Right here on ESPN. 1000 So I just refined by house and I've been telling you for years that the home loan expert in Ryan Kelly are the people that you have to be in touch with. This was the easiest experience I've ever had. Refinancing Ryan. How do you guys do it at the home loan expert? Well, I appreciate that, sir. And thank you for the opportunity of doing business together. I tell you, Although it seems like maybe you got some V I p treatment. You truly did it. That's just the way we take care of. All of our clients were known for a lot of things that the hormone expert office really low mortgage rates. Quick turnaround, giving back to the communities the list goes on. But one other item is how easy we make the process We spend hours Every day trying to improve our systems. Integrating technology. Whatever we have to do to make the buyer of the homeowner have a great experience. You don't get a lot of B s here. We'll get you signed up. We get you closed 30 days and we save your money. Get pre approved for your new mortgage out a home loan expert. Dr. The home loan expert. Hello, Fiona Residential more like For.

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