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At this rally pharma giant AstraZeneca struck a deal with the European alliance to supply up to four hundred million doses of an experimental Colbert nineteen vaccine the alliance which was forged by Germany France Italy and the Netherlands to speed up production of a vaccine is set to take delivery of the vaccine being tested by the university of Oxford by the end of twenty twenty the agreement with AstraZeneca also aims to make the vaccine available to other European countries that wish to take part the cost is expected to be offset by funding from the government's I'm Marlys Majerus the Senate's top Democrat is concerned about recent upticks of the corona viruses need to understand why the spikes are happening and how to adapt our national response that's why Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says top health officials need to come before Congress I'm requesting the doctor found she and Dr beers and other members of the administration's corona virus task force conducted briefing for democratic senators on the recent spikes and do it next week more cities and states across the country are reporting increasing rates of coronavirus cases every day since many of them have begun to end the corona virus related shutdowns Linda Kenyon Washington I'm in Kate's right talk radio seven ninety KABC news at twelve oh three I am Tom Looney LA is number one for a lot of things film TV and commercial production and homelessness our homeless population county wide as exploded it's grown by as many as ten thousand that makes the grand total about sixty six thousand people before taxes Torrance police should fall the identity of the woman who's been accused of physically and verbally assaulting Asians at Wilson park her name is Nina Hernandez I haven't found it yet they don't know what they're gonna do with their once a fighter there's been a coronavirus sergeant California but health department officials are saying that it may be because of the fact that more people are getting tested and not really because we're getting sloppy Chula Vista bigwigs have taken down their big Christopher Columbus statue they wanted to do it before protesters did it themselves seven ninety KABC sports Adam Abdul Jabbar the son of Laker Kareem Abdul Jabbar has been arrested for stabbing his neighbor allegedly KBC socal weather sunny today high the cervix seventy one in Culver city seventy two in Montecito heights seventy three at Sherman oaks I'm Tom loading that dialogue started here in the sixties the dialogue continues here now where LA comes to talk talk radio seven ninety KABC D. A. B. C. dependable traffic right now four oh five north bound the victory Boulevard offramp away from the north world five is closed because of a police investigation traveling farther up the four oh five north bound writer Roscoe Boulevard and extends over on the right hand side so the full five northbound yourself from Skirball center drive up to Roscoe Boulevard west one one the Ventura freeway jammed up from van Nuys Boulevard to parkway Calabasas that's dependable traffic hi.

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