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Is October 29. But you are being urged to not wait that long to make sure your ballot is counted. If it's seven days or less before the election officials recommend not mailing it back, instead dropping it off in person at a polling location, and FDA Vaccine Advisory committee member is criticizing the lifting of Corona virus restrictions in Florida. Siding concern ABOUTTHE States infection rate. Carrie Preston, ABC NEWS, third Floor Study Hall, My dining room table Monday and Tuesday by living room Wednesday to Friday. Wherever school happens for you this year, Staples has amazing prices on everything your student needs this week. Get 20% off copies and Prince for school. That's 20% off posters, worksheets schedules and reports Shop in store or pick up curbside school on safe on. Staples. Visit staples dot com slash cool printing for coupon in store Only. Exclusions apply and 10 31 curbside available in most stores. You run a business and you need better wireless. Three words, no more compromise. With a T mobile business advantage. You get the largest five network award winning customer support and insanely great value. No trade offs right now kept in 90 days of unlimited free on business plans when you switch via Bill credits Stop in to find out more. Plus taxes and fees for some plans. Complete port within 60 days, customers over 50 gigabytes per month have lower speeds during congestion video at 40 P Unlimited on our network, see t mobile dot com. Five devices coverage and plan details. Kor FX ht to Denver. No Impact Traffic Thiss report is sponsored by CBS from the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Senator I.

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