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Reality October. Thirty first. Two thousand one Ryan Ferguson was a seventeen year old junior in high school. It was is Halloween. Kids were partying dressed. Up In costumes Ryan was hanging out with a casual acquaintance. Chuck Ericsson that same night. A murder occurred. A 48-year-old sports editor was brutally murdered in the parking lot of the Columbia Daily Tribune. The murder mystery dominated news coverage for weeks to come nearly two years later that casual acquaintance. Chuck Erickson started telling people that he was having dreamlike memories of that murder and in some way he must have been involved eventually. He went to the police. Police brought Eriksen in for questioning. Here's Ryan Ferguson's father describing and that I encounter with the police as soon as Java question implicated Ryan as the person is with at night and so the police are called the city police and headline arrested. He was going to college. It was arrested by SWAT team. Police their shares. The is looking lethal. Good Ryan recalled going in for questioning and thinking to himself. How absurd this was our? After hours of Interrogation Ryan maintained his innocence. His story never changed changed in fact when detectives suggested that they might have his fingerprints at the scene. A technique often used to elicit crimes in confessions Ryan Ryan replied great. Take my fingerprints so I can be free and go home to study for my exams. I didn't do this. I wasn't even there. The case went to trial on the night of the murder. Chuck Ericsson admits that he was high on cocaine adderall. An alcohol net the following day. He had no memory. Murray of Halloween night yet. It was his testimony that was accepted in exchange for a plea deal for the conviction of Ryan Ferguson. Though no hair blood or fingerprint samples could be collected at the crime scene. which were consistent with Ferguson or Erickson for that matter.

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