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Her best as the wizard of technology. So many titles. She takes everywhere. She walks into an apple store. She's here. She stops. Yes. I do have a gripe that I would like to raise in this segment, but I doubt I'll get the time because it's time for the tech report. A of. For. Well, just in case anybody out there, and you valley we're thinking of flying a drone near the Super Bowl think again. Okay, because they have already been having issues and the Federal Bureau of investigation, otherwise known as the FBI said on Friday that security officials at Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta are already inundated with drones and the agency has confidence confiscated at least six already and the FAA temporary. Flight restrictions have been put up around the stadium. They went into effect on Friday, and it states that drones are not allowed within one nautical mile in all directions up to a thousand feet and on game day the restriction increases to thirty nautical miles. And almost eighteen thousand feet and people won't be arrested. But they will be fined, and we're talking like twenty thousand dollars and more. So it's not really a smart hour. I'll put alternate away. Yeah. I mean, you know, think about it at some other time now the Mercedes Benz stadium. Does have a retractable roof. I'm sure you knew that. But the NFL has not decided for sure yet. If they're going to keep it opened or closed. They're more likely to have it closed. But it why. Because of the temperature I think mainly. Yeah. I think mainly weather related, but maybe for other reasons to security reasons. Okay. They they didn't let me in on that. Let's now talk about if it's just fascinating to me, you know, about Sophia don't you Sophia who is the robot? Oh, no. Friends. Okay. Well, this was interesting because the other morning on the today show, so FIA was on along with her friend. Maybe actually it's her little sister because she's called little Sophia. And these are both part of the Hanson robotics family. I was very surprised because after seeing pictures hearing so much about Sophia I expected her to really be much more lifelike than she is. It would not have mixed up for human. I me she's very attractive. Looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Yes. She does. But. Yeah. Oh, yeah. The soviet. She was modeled after her at okay. But highly pick Katherine Hepburn not Katherine did. I say, Catherine Audrey. I'm sorry. Oh, no, no, no wrong. Have Andrea happen Audrey effort? Okay. This whole artificial intelligence thing is a big thing. But listen to this. So little Sophia is fourteen inches tall. And obviously, this is all part of this whole stem movement in coding and making a fun. And she's being built with the idea of a really good adventure and learning experience for kids seven to thirteen especially for girls. So little Sofia who's very cute. Very big is she can walk talk sing play games. She can tell jokes. And she is being she's very much. They say at Hanson robotics. Very lifelike. Just don't find her to be so lifelike. But so they did a Kickstarter campaign to make little Sofia. Yeah. And this is what is so interesting. They have until March thirty first I believe to make the money, and what they wanted was seventy.

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