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A lot of novice. I just think, I think for me, even though the goals against says they're very good defensively, that might be also a concern. If I were ever to be a pessimistic American, but you know in how I am with my fandoms, I can be pessimistic. You. Time to time. Let's stay on the kluba America train and we'll focus in here next. Okay? Why? Because ESPN is reporting that the U.S. men's national team is continuing to follow the progress of the dual national attackers having a great season with asagi Las in Liga MX. Was born in Mexico, raised in El Paso, is represented the U.S. at youth national team level, and he's also played for Mexico as we know into senior friendlies. Now, despite the apparent interest her important to note, sources are telling ESPN Mexico, there's been no direct contact between zendejas and U.S. soccer. All right, herc. So time is running out. We've got the September friendlies coming up. Should the United States and Greg berhalter call up Alejandro Zendaya. Yes, you should call them up. And people are going to start naming Christian Pulisic, Timothy way up, Brendan aaronson, Giovanni Reina, but we're stacked in the wings are going to say all these fans who are the U.S. men's national team. He's not really a winger. And when he broke out on Liga and Mickey, it was with Nick axa as an interior as an 8 where he was the highest goal scoring Mexican in ligaments. He had his breakout year playing in that position. And when I look at the names, when I look at the depth chart for the U.S. men's national team in the midfield, you've got two locks. You've got western McKinney as an 8 and you got Eunice Musa as an 8. Then there's Lucca de la Torre, and then you have wait a second. Where am I going here? Because Greg berhalter was using Christian roll done. He was using Sebastian legit. There's been a strong cry for people about Jordy. And Malik Tillman. And I've been on that train. We mentioned as a potential player in midfield to move, right? But if you had to go straighten out, just midfielders, this is where I think Zendaya has could not only compete and fight for, but maybe push out one or two guys. So if you're telling me that he can't swim in that very, very shallow and after you're talking about the locks I don't believe you and through the history of the U.S. mint national team released a recent history, we've seen surprises every World Cup cycle. You look at 2014, it was John Brooks, Julian green. You look at 2010, Robbie Finley, Etsy bottle, your boy, 2006, Clint Dempsey, Jimmy Conrad, was it Eddie Johnson, 2002, polymer master, these two kids named DeMarcus Beasley and Landon Donovan, who had like a handful if that a World Cup qualifying games. So there's been surprises in all more than Zendaya's.

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